Autumn Moon Festivals at Tokugawaen

Tsukimi 月見, literally moon-viewing, is a traditional event that takes place on August 15th in the lunar calendar. In 2010 it falls on September 22. The moon isn’t always full, but its meant to be at its brightest and most beautiful. Free ”tsuki-mi-dango” (moon dumplings) will be available from 17:30 at a special tent in the Garden’s grounds – limited to the first 200 people.

    When: Wednesday, September 22 (09:30 – 20:30); special extended opening time.
    Where: Tokugawaen 徳川園, Higashi Ward
    Admission: 300 Yen, under 16s free; Nagoya seniors (over 65) 100 Yen.
    Access: By City or Meitetsu Bus – Any outbound bus from the “traffic island” bus stop at Shiyakusho Subway 市役所Station. Get off at Tokugawaen Shindeki 徳川園新出来; costs 200 Yen.
    It is said that the moon is at its most beautiful around September. Therefore September is usually the best time to enjoy the full moon’s brightness. Farmers pray to the full moon in hopes of a good harvest during this period. Dumplings and eulalias, which look like rice plants, are offered to the moon.
    (NIC Event Information)
    henri daros 
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