Local Government (NIC Information)

1. City Housing
Nagoya strives to provide safe and comfortable housing for the elderly and disabled. Projects like the “Silver Housing Project,” under which special residential units for the elderly are constructed, provide such housing. Nagoya encourages private ownership of homes and organizes special loans for purchasing or constructing a home.

2. Garbage and Recycling
Due to the rapid growth of the economy and industry in the Nagoya Area, the amount of waste has greatly increased. Also, the waste has changed in nature with an increase in plastic and bulky items. In Nagoya, all combustible trash is incinerated at six separate plants. The incinerator plants generate electricity while burning the refuse and also provide heat to indoor swimming pools at neighboring facilities. Incombustible refuse is disposed of at landfills after going through a crushing and compacting process. Aluminum and iron are taken out after the crushing process and recycled along with bottles and cans which are collected separately in the city. Nagoya encourages its citizens to dispose less and recycle more through various means such as publishing a recycling magazine and organizing flea markets in order for citizens to sell unneeded items to others.

3. Education
Presently there are 261 elementary schools, 109 junior high schools, and 15 senior high schools, four of which are for students with special needs. There are very few private elementary and junior high schools in Nagoya. However, there are 27 private senior high schools and 172 private kindergartens.There are 31 institutes of higher education in Nagoya, including two national universities, one national junior college, one prefectural university, one prefectural junior college, one municipal university, nine private universities, and sixteen private junior colleges.The City of Nagoya has 17 libraries and four of them have mobile libraries that visit different areas of the city so that citizens can have easy access to publications. The city encourages continuing education by providing various lectures and programs at Lifelong Learning Centers located in each ward.

4. Social Welfare
Nagoya has long been in the forefront in providing comprehensive social services for its citizens. In order to ensure a healthy, financially secure, and medically sound program for everyone, the city has set up a wide-range of projects, including special programs for the elderly, children, and disabled. In addition to National Insurance and other medical benefits, Nagoya sends out welfare advisors to visit elderly residents living alone, as well as sending out some helpers to assist elderly and handicapped persons with cleaning, laundry, dining, and bathing. Every senior citizen and severely handicapped resident receives a booklet explaining their benefits and a free pass (or tickets) for the city bus and subway system.

Each of the 16 wards in the city has a social welfare council that provides health-related counseling, employment information, seminars, and cultural programs such as hobby workshops.

Child welfare programs are receiving increased attention. Camps, recreational programs, after-school care, and child counseling are held regularly and there are child centers in 18 venues around the city. These centers have libraries, activity rooms, and sports rooms for children to spend time safely and productively after school and on weekends. The city also operates many daycare facilities.

Care for the disabled is also a primary concern in Nagoya. The city has established basic objectives to provide proper medical treatment and reduce the number of problems handicapped residents face. Treatment and training centers, the City Rehabilitation Center and numerous programs provide handicapped residents with greater opportunities to participate in all aspects of society. Special attention has also been given to expanding their employment opportunities.

(Nagoya International Center)

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