(NIC Event Information)

Celebrating New Year through ‘Kakizome’

The International Cross Culture Promotion Center is holding a special New Year event at the Nagoya International Center. Kakizome is a traditional Japanese New Year activity in which people write out their dreams or feelings through calligraphy. Several calligraphy teachers will be in attendance so anyone, with or without experience, is welcome to come and try this New Year tradition.

When: Saturday, January 8 (18:30 – 20:30)
Where: Nagoya International Center Annex Hall
Admission: 500 Yen for foreign nationals. Places are limited and reservations are required and can be made by e-mail at

'Kakizome', kegiatan tradisional Tahun Baru di Jepang (Foto Ilustrasi)




Nagoya City’s fire department will be out in force to give their annual New Year public display of their earthquake disaster training. The department’s plethora of hardware including trucks, helicopters, boats, ambulances, earthquake simulators, and over 2000 personnel will be on show.

When: 2nd Sunday of January (10:00 – 12:00)
Where: Port of Nagoya – Pier Garden and waterfront
Access: A 2 minute walk from Minato Subway Station, exit 1.

Bandar Laut Nagoya dengan 'Pier Garden'-nya


Hoshashinji  歩射神事

This popular and traditional Shinto ritual is held annually at Atsuta Jingu to pray for a healthy and prosperous year. Three pairs of Shinto priests take turns shooting arrows at a target. A total of 36 arrows are shot, when the last arrow hits the target onlookers rush to pick up pieces of the target that the arrows broke up as it is believed that bits of the target help keep away bad luck.

When: Saturday, January 15 (from 13:00)
Where: Atsuta Shrine 熱田神宮
Access: A 5 minute walk from either Jingu Nishi Subway Station, exit 2 or (Meitetsu) Jingu-mae Station 神宮前.

Gapura di depan area 'Atsuta Jingu' (Atsuta Shrine) dengan hutannya yang lebat yang tampak teduh dan anggun di tengah keramaian kota Nagoya


(NIC Event Information)

henri daros

NB. Please confirm with each organizer before making your arrangements.

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