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Tokyo, Here We Come! 

Tokyo Tower

Whether you want to explore the City for a few days over the holidays or are going on vacation via Narita or Haneda Airports, you don’t have to spend all your pocket money on the return Shinkansen fare from Nagoya.

By JR Highway Bus to Tokyo Station
The overnight “Dream Nagoya” ドリームなごや号 and “Dream Toyota” ドリームとよた号 services are a set of daily overnight coach services that run between the JR Tokai Highway Bus Station (JR Nagoya Station 1F) and JR Tokyo Station. Coaches depart between 21:00 and 23:30 and arrive at the other end by 06:00.

There are 9 daily routes serving over 30 local stops including: JR Okazaki, Shin-Toyota, Nisshin, Akaike, Seto, Owariasahi, Inba, Yagoto, Irinaka, Gokiso, Hoshigaoka, Motoyama, Chikusa, and Sakae stations! There is also a women-only service. A full route map and information is available in Japanese at www.jrtbinm.co.jp/highway/route/

You can book in person at the JR Nagoya Station Travel Center 名古屋駅(旅行センター) – open daily 06:00 – 23:30 or call 052-563-0489 (09:00 – 19:00). You can also book online (in Japanese) at http://www.jrtbinm.co.jp

Example fare: JR Nagoya to JR Tokyo (Nihonbashi Exit)
– regular return fare 11,410. Save money by booking 1,3,7,14, and 21 days in advance. There is also an online discount. Book online 21 days in advance and pay as little as 3470 Yen one way!

By Meitetsu Highway Bus to Shinjuku
This service departs from the Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya Station Meitetsu Department Store) and also picks up passengers at Sakae (Oasis 21) Kachigawa, Tajimi, Ena, and Nakatsugawa. Daily services depart at 07:10, 16:30, 22:15, and 23:00 Book in person at the Meitetsu Bus Center 3F express bus service window 名鉄バスセンター3階高速窓口 – open daily 06:40 – 23:00 or call 052-582-0489 (08:00 – 19:00). Book online (in Japanese) at www.highwaybus.com

Example fare: From Nagoya to Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 新宿高速バスターミナル (nr JR Shinjuku West Exit) costs 5500 Yen, 3500 Yen if reserve on the website (with a credit card) in advance for travel before December 21.

Getting to the Airport
Getting to Narita International Airport by train 成田国際空港
The JR Narita Express (NEX)
This limited express service departs from JR Tokyo and Shinjuku Stations. It takes about 60 minutes and costs 2940 Yen from JR Tokyo Station; there is a 50% discount for children aged 6 to 11. Trains depart every 30 minutes between 06:30 and 21:00.
A reservation is required before boarding and tickets can be purchased at the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) at any JR major train station in Japan.
Full timetables and information in English at www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex

Getting to Haneda (Tokyo International Airport) 羽田国際空港
Haneda Airport, located on the Tokyo waterfront, opened a fourth runway and a new international terminal in October. It now offers flights to Europe, North America, and other foreign destinations.
From Tokyo or Shinjuku take the JR Yamanote Line to Hamamatsu-cho Station
From there take the Tokyo Monorail directly to Terminal 1 or 2; the monorail costs 470 Yen for adults, 270 Yen for children aged 6 to 12, and takes 13 minutes.

Limousine Bus From Tokyo to the Airport
Services generally run every 15 – 30 minutes between 05:00 & 23:00

To Narita from Shinjuku Station (West Exit No,23) costs 3000 Yen for adults, 1500 Yen for children; takes 85 – 115 minutes
To Narita from Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit) costs 3000 Yen for adults, 1500 Yen for children; takes 80 – 95 minutes

To Haneda from Shinjuku Station (West Exit No,24) costs 1200 Yen for adults, 600 Yen for children; takes 35 – 65 minutes
To Haneda from Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit) costs 900 Yen for adults, 450 Yen for children; takes 25 – 35 minutes – no reservations needed.

Reservation Center (09:00 – 18:00; until 19:00 on weekdays)
Tel: 03-3665-7220 Website: www.limousinebus.co.jp/en

(NIC Information)

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