第8回移住労働者と連帯する全国フォーラム・東海 2011

Let’s Build the Road to Multiethnic and Multicultural Coexistence starting from your local communities.

Please join The Eighth National Forum in Solidarity with Migrants Tokai, 2011.

Hello, dear all migrants.

It’s our pleasure to write to you. We are the executive committee of  “The Eighth National Forum in Solidarity with Migrants Tokai, 2011.” “Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, SMJ,” is the network organization in which support groups for migrants participate nationwide.

The Eight National Forum will be held at Nagoya in June, 2011. The Forum will include a symposium on foreign residents in the Tokai area after the recession, commemorative speech, and workshops. At the workshops, we will discuss issues surrounding migrants and make proposals for Japanese society. Please refer to the details below.

○  Date : June 18th (Sat.) & 19th (Sun.)
○  Venue: Chukyo University Nagoya Campus
     101-2 Yagoto Honmachi, Shouwa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 466-8666

Program: 18th (1st Day)

13:00Symposium: Multicultural Coexistence  in the Tokai   Area  after the   Lehman Shock.
     15:45 ~ Workshops: Introduction , Women, Trainees and Technical  interns, Labor, Medical Cares, Education, New system of Resident Management( Changes of Immigration Control Acts, Japanese descendants(NIKKEIJIN), Refugees, Filipinos, Zainichi Korean, Chinese in Japan & Resettlement, Policies and Municipal Governments, Social work, Poverty,
University and Foreigners. 

*Topics may be changed.

      18:00 ~ Reception: Enjoy performances of foreign dances and songs, and  various national cuisines.

Program: 19th (2nd Day)

      9:00~12:30 Commemorative speech “What the country, an autonomous body, and the citizens can do now” (Mr.Hiroshi Tanaka) – General Meeting

○ Admission:  2000 yen (Reception fee not included)

Workshops planned by Filipino and other migrants themselves will be held this year. We would like to convey every voice of migrants living in Tokai region to nationwide supporters. We will greatly appreciate your help. To those who are helping out in the preparation, who donate towards the forum operation, who are engaged in planning out of their own will, and who will cooperate in any way possible, please contact us at the following address.

■Co-leaders of The Eight National Forum Executive Committee
Ms. Masako Owaki  (Attorney, Co-leader of Advocacy Network for Foreign Trainees)
Mr. Hiroshi Sugiura  (MD, Collegium of Workmen’s Compensation and Occupational Disease / Nagoya Rosai Syokukyobyo Kenkyukai)
Mr.  Hiroshi Tanaka  (Prof.Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University)
Mr.  Bui Chi Trung  (Professor at Aichi Shukutoku Universi ty)
Mr.  Shigeru Yui  (Catholic Priest, Co-leader of Solidarity Network with    Migrants Japan)

■Contact Address: Bureau of The Eight National Forum Executive Committee, Study Group of Nagoya, RosaiSyokugyobyo Kenkyukai, 4F Sugiura-Iin, 5-33-1 Yamate-Dori, Showa-ku, Nagoya City, 466-0815

Contact Person : (Mr.) Narita

Telephone/Fax: 052-837-7420 :E-mail : Blog:

( Nagoya International Center )

NB. Please confirm with the organizer before making your arrangements.

  • When: Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19
  • Admission: 2000 Yen; reservations are not required.
  • Where: Chukyo University (Nagoya Campus) 中京大学名古屋キャンパス
  • Access: Yagoto Subway Station, exit 5

henri daros

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