If you are a student and looking for part time work or if you are  residing in Japan on a Dependent visa (家族滞在kazoku-taizai) or Cultural  Activities visa (文化活動) you must first apply to the Immigration Bureau  for a special permit to allow you to engage in activities outside your current visa status.

The permit is called a shikakugai katsudo kyoka (資格外活動許可). This will  be permitted only if the amount and scope of such activities are  approved as appropriate so as not to hinder their original activities  belonging to their statuses of residence.

  • Even those who have obtained permission to engage in extra status-  of residence activities may not engage in adult entertainment  businesses.
  • Employment time limits for part time work by Foreign Students,  Dependants, and Cultural Activities visa holders are shown below.
Permission Type Employment Time Limits
Dependant Visa 28 hrs / week
Cultural Visa 28 hrs / week
College Students Full-time students in college 28 hrs / week 8 hours per day during school vacation
Occasional or research students in college 14 hrs / week
Students in vocational college 28 hrs / week
Pre-college Students 4 hours per day

Items Needed

  • Application form 申請書 (1 copy) –  “Application For Permission To Engage In Activity Other Than That  Permitted Under The Status Of Residence Previously Granted”  (資格外活動許可申請書).
  • A document that proves the intended activity as indicated on the  application form –for example an employment contract (1copy)
  • College students need also to submit a fuku-shinsho (副申書 – available from their school / university).
  • Passport and alien registration card

A (prospective) employer, school staff member, lawyer, gyoseishoshi,  or other designated legal representative can apply on the applicant’s  behalf; proof of ID is required. A standard application can take between  2 weeks and 2 months to process; there is no      application fee.

Further Information is on the Immigration Bureau’s English website For more information please call the Nagoya Immigration Information Center at 052-559-2151 / 52.Part Time Work – Students and Dependants –

(NIC Information)

henri daros

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