Get behind a potter’s wheel and making your own masterpiece!

The term “Nihon Rokkoyo” is used to refer to the six oldest pottery centers in Japan – Seto, just east of Nagoya, was one of them and is now home to the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum 愛知県陶磁資料館. As well as having a vast collection of pottery and ceramics on exhibition, visitors can make their own setomonoin the museum’s craft studio.

There are 2 courses available: The sakutō course (作陶) – make items from fresh clay, or the etsuke course (絵付け) – paint pre-prepared ceramics. Reservations are not required.

The Sakutō Course (作陶)

For potters of all abilities. An introductory lesson / demonstration is available for beginners every 30 minutes (:00, :30) until 14:30. Instructors are also on hand to provide guidance. Electric potter’s wheels are available only for experienced participants. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of shaded clays. Clay comes in 2kg blocks and there is not limit to the number of pieces that you make from it.

The Etsuke Course (絵付け)

Visitors can paint pre-prepared plate and teacups. Two standard colours are provided; additional colours can be purchased at extra cost.

Once you have completed your piece, it takes approximately one month for the studio to complete the firing and glazing process. Once completed, the studio will send you a postcard to let you know. You have 2 months to pick it up. Your finished pieces can also be sent to you; shipping charges are extra.

Cost: A 2 hour experience on the potter’s wheel can cost as little as 1080 Yen.

Facilities Use

2 hours

4 hours

7 hours


240 Yen

480 Yen

720 Yen

JHS and below

120 Yen

240 Yen

360 Yen


Clay 粘土

White Clay 白土 (2kg)

440 Yen

Red Clay 赤土 (2kg)

650 Yen


Teacup 湯呑 (single)

180 Yen

Plate 皿 (single)

600 Yen

Kiln Fee

Created items

Per 2kg of clay

400 Yen

Painted Items

Per painted item

200 Yen

The Ceramic Craft Studio is open 09:30 – 16:30; closed Mondays except holidays, closed on Tuesday after a holiday. Access: A 15 minute (600m) walk north from Tojishiryokan-minami Station 陶磁資料館南 on the Linimo Line. If travelling by car, parking is free.


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