Summer’s a Beach


It’s summer! Yippee! Long, hot and humid days are here! Resistance is futile so make the most of the weather & hit the beach while you can!

Shinmaiko Marine Park


Shinmaiko Marine Park opened in 2002 and is can be reached from the center of Nagoya in less than an hour. The park’s beach – “Blue Sun Beach” ブルーサンビーチ is a 400m long man-made beach – constructed in 2002 with sand imported from Nagasaki Prefecture. The beach has food stands, a rest area, and full toilet and shower facilities. There are also three attractive large grassed areas ideal for picnics, ball games, taking a break from the beach. From the grassed mounds within the park you can see beautiful Ise Bay and the Suzuka Mountains.

  • Access: A 10 minute walk from Meitetsu Shin Maiko Station 新舞子(Tokoname Line 常滑線). Cross over the Fine Bridge ファインブリッジ to get to the park. You can’t miss the park’s 2 huge wind turbines. There are also nearly 600 parking spaces; parking is 500 Yen in July & August. The bridge is only open 09:00 – 17:00.
  • Website: (Japanese only)

Chidorigahama Beach (Utsumi)


The beach – shaped like a bow – is one of the best beaches in the Tokai region with soft, white sand – perfect for sunbathing or playing in the water! The beach is about 1.6km long and many tourists visit here all year round for sea bathing and fishing in summer and spa bathing in winter. Access: 15 minutes walk from Meitetsu Utsumi Station 内海or 7 minutes by car from Minamichita IC 南知多on the Chita Peninsula Expressway Toll Road (知多半島道路).

Himakajima Sunrise Beach & Sunset Beach


A visit to Himakajima日間賀島 (population c.2000) makes a pleasant day trip from Nagoya (just 90 minutes away). There are a number of ryokan and small hotels on the island if you wish to stay longer. Located in Mikawa Bay at the foot of the Chita Peninsula, it dependant upon it’s fishing industry for income (mainly octopus and fugu). There is an excellent sunset at the western port and an equally spectacular sunrise at the eastern port. Himakajima offers visitors two white sandy beaches on either side of the island. Both are easily accessed from the ferry landing. Go east for Sunrise Beach or west for Sunset Beach!


  • Access: from Meitetsu Nagoya station take the Kowa line to Kowa Station. Either walk or take the free shuttle bus (see below) to the ferry terminal.
  • Free Shuttle Bus無料送迎バス From Meitetsu Kowa Station名鉄河和駅- Bus Stop #2 (as of Jan 1, 2009) 09:02, 10:02, 10:33, 11:02, 11:33, 13:02, 13:33, 14:02, 14:33, 15:02, 15:33, 16:07, 16:37, 17:07, 17:37, 18:07 If the bus is full, the ferry terminal is a 7 minute walk from the station.
  • Taking the High-Speed Ferry
    • Return Fare: 2610 Yen (adults) 1310 Yen (children); takes 20 minutes to Himakajima West (W), and 25 minutes to Himakajima East (E).
    • There: 07:45(W) , 09:10(E), 10:15(W), 11:15(W), 11:45(WE), 13:20(W), 14:15(E), 15:15(W), 16:15(WE), 17:15(W), 18:25(W)
    • Return From Himakajima East: 08:25, 10:10, 11:10, 13:25, 14:25
    • Return From Himakajima West: 07:00, 09:25, 10:20, 11:40, 13:35, 14:35, 15:40, 16:40, 17:55
    • Full timetable at

What to do on Himakajima

■Play with the Dolphins イルカと一緒に冒険だ!

Where: Sunset Beach

Open: May to August 09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:30

Admission: Park admission 300 Yen – ages 4 to 12 200 Yen Dolphin Touch ドルフィンタッチ 1000 Yen (10 -15 mins) Fureai Beach – play in waist deep water with the dolphins – 2000 Yen (20 mins) – over 5s only – sandles are recommended.

■Bicycle Rental – explore the island’s 5.5 km coastline

Where: Coffee & Snak Ikoi (08:00 – 17:00) – located in front of the West Harbour

Tel: 0569-68-2331

Cost: I hour 500 Yen, all day 2000 Yen; 1000 Yen deposit

■Octopus Fishing タコつかみどり

Search the rock pools for octopuses and catch them with your bare hands! The captured octopuses are put on the BBQ for all to try.

Where: Sunrise Beach

When: Saturdays (14:00) & Sundays (10:00) from July 20 to August 31

Cost: 1500 Yen; limited to 40 people.


(NIC Information)

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