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As well as possessing the world’s largest kaleidoscope sphere (recognized in the Guinness Book of Records in 2002) the Mikawa Kougei Glass Museum (三河工芸ガラス美術館) hosts popular glass workshops where visitors can create their own personalized glassware.

Available Workshops 体験コース

Regular courses take approximately 2 hours; one hour quick courses (お手軽コース) are also available. Reservations ahead of time are required and can be made over the phone (Tel: 0563-59-3334).

  • Sandblast course サンドブラスト 2000 Yen – Sandblast your own unique designs onto a selection of glassware. Choose either a sake set or 2 from saucer, tumbler, ash tray, and a tall glass.
  • Stained Glass course ステンドグラス – Using coloured pre-cut glass visitors can choose from a night lamp (3000 Yen), mini-mirror (3000 Yen), photo frame (2500 Yen) , jewelry box (2500 Yen), message board* (3000 Yen), mini-tissue case* (3000 Yen), and a wall lamp** (2300 Yen). * 3 hour course  ** 1 hour course
  • Sparkle Mirror スパークルミラー – choose from 16 image designs and create your own decorative 10 cm x 15cm mirror (2300 – 2500 Yen).
  • Lampworking course バーナーワーク – create necklaces and bracelets by creating your own glass beads using a lampworking technique (2500 Yen)
  • Fusing course フュージング – create your own glass accessories – key-holders, broaches, and phone straps using a fusing technique (2500 Yen, 1 hour course 1500 Yen). Note that items that you create are later heated in a kiln and sent to you at a later date.
  • Kaleidoscope course 万華鏡 – choose from 3 types of kaleidoscope – takes 1 hour (2000 Yen).

About the Museum

  • Open: 10:00 – 17:30; closed Mondays
  • Address: 5-Togo 5, Tomiyama-cho, Nishio City, Aichi 愛知県西尾市富山町東郷5
  • Tel: 0563-59-3334
  • Website: www.japan-net.ne.jp/~artglass
  • Museum Admission: Adults 500 Yen, elementary age children 300 Yen. Admission for pre-schoolers is free if accompanied by an adult (1 per adult); 200 Yen admission for each additional child.
  • Access: From Meitetsu Nishio Station名鉄西尾take a Meitetsu Tobu Bus bound for Kariyado刈宿; get off at Kami-yata-kita上矢田北. By car it’s a 20 minute drive from the Anjo / Nishio exit on the Chiryu Bypass (Route 23).
  • Bus Times: There: 08:10*, 09:15, 11:45, 13:45, 15:15  Return: 12:12, 14:12, 15:42, 16:42, 17:42 *08:11 on weekends & holidays.



During the school summer holiday period the Port of Nagoya Aquarium is open every day until 20:00. Visit after 17:00 and get 20% off the regular admission price! The aquarium’s main pool hosts several daily dolphin performances, and up to 3000 spectators can be accommodated in the pool’s stadium.

Bottle-nosed dolphins perform in the night show – Courtesy of the Port of Nagoya Aquarium

Visitors can also take a self-guided tour around 21 key areas of the aquarium by renting the aquarium’s iPod audio tour from the information desk near the main entrance of the North Building; picture ID is required; costs 300 Yen, available in 4 languages – Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

  • Summer Hours: Open every day between Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, September 2 (09:30 – 20:00); last entry 19:00 – open until 21:00 on Saturday, July 21.
  • Admission: General admission is 2000 Yen for adults, 1000 Yen for school children, and 500 Yen for pre-schoolers, under 4s free. A combined ticket for the aquarium, the Observatory, the Maritime Museum and the Fuji Antarctic Museum is also available; adults 2400 Yen, school children 1200 Yen. Entryafter 17:00 during the summer period earns you 20% off regular admission!
  • Access: A 5 minute walk from exit 3 of Nagoya Ko Subway Station.

Summer Holiday Performance Times (July 21 – September 2)

  • Weekdays (excluding Obon)
    • Dolphin performance (30 minutes): 11:00, 13:00, 15:30, 19:00
    • Beluga training (15 minutes): 11:30, 14:00, 16:00
  • Weekends & Obon (August 11-17)
    • Dolphin performance (30 minutes): 10:30*, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 19:00**
    • Beluga training (15 minutes): 11:30, 13:30, 15:30
    • *10:00 on August 11 – 15  **18:00 on July 21



The World Cosplay Summit is a festival showcasing characters from Japanese manga, animation, and video games. Cosplayers from 20 countries will dress up as Japanese anime characters and compete for the 2012 cosplay crown. There are various events including: stage shows, parades, photo sessions and more.

Image: Courtesy of Aichi Television ©TVA


  • Sunday, July 29 – stage appearance and parade at the Ichinomiya Tanabata Matsuri
  • Saturday, August 4 – Muneharu Tokugawa Procession & World Cosplay Summit along the red carpet on Nishiki Dori in Sakae. (mid / late afternoon) followed by the World Cosplay Championship in Oasis 21, Sakae (early evening).
  • Sunday, August 5
    • -10th Anniversary Anime Song concert (anison) in Oasis 21, Sakae.
    • – Osu Cosplay Carnival – country victory parade in Osu Arcade (Kamimaezu Subway Station, exit 8).
    • – Photo shoot at the Okashi-no-Shiro, Inuyama



People residing, working, or attending school in Aichi  prefecture can borrow books from Nagoya municipal libraries. To check  out a book, please present photo ID (such as your alien registration  card, student ID, or Japanese driver’s license) to obtain a General Library Card.  You can borrow up to six books for  two weeks.  Books may be returned to any municipal library.

  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday : 10:00-19:00 (the Tsuruma Central Library is open until 20:00) Saturday, Sunday and holiday : 10:00-17:00
  • Closed: Mondays, the third Friday of the month, Dec.29-Jan.3 and during inventory. (If a holiday falls on Monday and the third Friday, the library is open.)
Name Address Access
Tsuruma Central 052-741-3131 Tsurumai1-1-155 Tsurumai Subway Station
Chikusa Ku 052-781-7431 Kameiri, Tashiro-cho1-137 Higashiyama Koen Subway Station
Higashi Ku 052-712-3901 Daikominami1-1-10 Nagoya Dome Mae-yada Subway Station
Kita Ku 052-912-8111 Shiga-cho 4-60-31 Kurokawa Subway Station, # 11 City Bus to Kita Toshokan
Nakamura Ku 052-411-3651 Chanoki 25, Nakamura-cho Nakamura Koen Subway Station
Mizuho Ku 052-853-0450 Toei-cho 2-1 Sakurayama Subway Station.
NakagawaKu 052-353-5311 Kira-cho 178-3 Takabata Subway Station
Moriyama Ku 052-793-6288 Moriyama 1-6-1 Ozone Subway Station, #11 City Bus to Moriyama Toshokan
Midori Ku 052-896-9297 Asahide 1-1104 Nonami Subway Station, #16 City Bus to Midori Toshokan
Meito Ku 052-773-8200 Bunkyo-dai 2-205 Kamiyashiro Subway Station, #11 City Bus to Meito Toshokan
Minato Ku 052-651-9249 Koraku 1-14-16 Minato Kuyakusho Subway Station
Tempaku Ku 052-803-4188 Yokomachi 701 Ueda Subway Station
Nishi Ku 052-521-1451 Hananoki 2-18-23 Joshin Subway Station
Minami Ku 052-821-1732 Chigama-dori 2-10-2 Horita Subway Station, Kikan #1 Bus to Chigama-dori-ni-chome
Atsuta Ku 052-671-6600 Jingu 3-1-15 Jingu Nishi Subway Station

(NIC Information)

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