Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition – FAE 27

The long-running Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition will be held from November 6 to 11 at the Nagoya International Center. Organized by the Central Japan International Society (CJIS), with support from the Nagoya International Center (NIC), this ever-popular show continues to attract a diverse range of artists.

  • When: Tuesday, November 6 – Sunday, November 11 (10:00 – 19:00; until 17:00 on 11/11)
  • Where: Nagoya International Center 4F exhibition room
  • Admission is FREE!


NIC Book Recycling Bazaar

Over 3000 items including English fiction paperbacks, children’s books, books about Japan, and books for Japanese Language learners. Prices are not set and visitors can donate as much as they like after choosing books. Money raised from the bazaar will be donated between the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan for the promotion of literacy education in developing countries and the NIC Library for the purchase of new books. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

  • When: Sunday, November 11 (13:00 – 15:00)
  • Where: Nagoya International Center 5F, Conference Room 1


Experience the World of Wagashi Tour

Rediscover Japanese culture through English

The tour offers you a detailed explanation about wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) as well as an opportunity to try your hand at the final processes of making 3 kinds of the sweets. Participants receive a bowl of macha (green powdered tea) with their self-made wagashi after the wagashi-making session. The tour will be conducted mainly in English and is part of the Nagaragawa Onpaku 2012 tourist promotion program.

  • Where: Okinaya Souhonpo (Mitono-cho 38, Gifu-shi 〒500-8182


Friday, November 16 (14:00-15:30)

  • Reservations required by November 14
  • Cost: 2000 Yen
  • Max 8 places

Friday, November 23 (14:00-15:30)

  • Reservations required by November 21
  • Cost: 2000 Yen
  • Max 8 places

To make a reservation go online to the Onpaku Official website


Georges Rouault Special Exhibitions

Georges Rouault (1871 – 1958) was a French Fauvist and Expressionist painter, and printmaker in etching and lithography. Inazawa-born artist Takanori Ogisu (1901-1986) known as Oguiss in the art world was deeply captivated by Roualt’s works during his stay in France prior to the Second World War. This exhibition features 67 works by the artist including copperplate engravings from his renowned “Miserere” series.

Photo: Arlequin (1953-56) – by Georges Rouault – Oil on paper on canvas. Courtesy of the Idemitsu Museum of Arts . © ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2012 [E0094]

  • When: Saturday, October 27 – Sunday, December 2 (09:30 – 17:00); last entry 16:30. Closed on Mondays.
  • Where: Inazawa City Oguiss Memorial Art Museum 稲沢市荻須記念美術館
  • Access: A 20 minute walk from Meitetsu Konomiya Station’s 国府宮 west exit.
  • Admission: Adults 700 Yen, college & HS students 400 Yen, school children 100 Yen; free admission for Inazawa school children.


ELT EXPO 2012 in Chubu

Photos from ETJ Expo in Chubu 2011 – expo offers day-long choice of presentations, publishers’ displays, a chance to network, and many opportunities for local English teachers to present their ideas, and displays of a wide range of English language teaching materials. Free-membership and pre-registration at event or at

  • When: Sunday, November 25 (09:30 – 18:00)
  • Where: Sugiyama Jogakuen University in Nagoya (Hoshigaoka Campus), School of Cross-Cultural Studies, Room 108.
  • Access: Hoshigaoka Subway Station (Higashiyama line), exit 6
  • Admission: ETJ members 500 Yen (membership is free). Non-members 1000 Yen.


HOPE at the Hilton Week


HOPE at the Hilton Week runs from November 10 – 16 at the Nagoya Hilton Hotel in Fushimi. All in all a great opportunity to help the poor and have fun while you’re at it! For reservations or further information contact the Hope office at or 052-204-0530.

Activities include:

Family Day Have an enjoyable day while learning about different cultures and the needs of many of HOPE-JP’s communities. There will be fun activities* like origami folding, face painting, kids’ nail design and creating a cow message to send to Cambodian children. All participants get the opportunity to enter a raffle and win the grand prize.

*activities may change without notice.

  • When: Saturday, November 10 (12:00 – 19:00) & Sunday, November 11 (10:00 – 17:00)
  • Where: 2nd floor of the Hilton Nagoya 2F, across from The Terrace Restaurant.

The Charity Cut – back by popular demand!

Need a fresh new look?! Top stylist from Nagoya will be on hand to cut your hair for a minimum donation of only ¥2,000! All proceeds will go to HOPE’s overseas projects. Don’t miss this event, reservations fill up fast!

Relax for Charity Melt your stress away and relax knowing that you are helping the neglected poor. Enjoy a body massage for just a minimum donation of ¥2,000! All proceeds will go to HOPE’s overseas projects.

5% Dine at the Hilton Enjoy a nice meal at Hilton Nagoya’s “The Terrace” restaurant during the week of November 10-16, and 5% of your bill will be donated to HOPE-JP’s projects.

Meet and Greet Lunch at the Hilton

  • When: Tuesday, November 13 (11:00 – 16:00)
  • Cost: 2600 Yen per adult, 1700 Yen per child over 3. Babysitting service 500 Yen.
  • Reservations required by November 9


Autumn Exhibitions at Tokugawa Art Museum

There are 2 related exhibitions on at the Tokugawa Art Museum

徳川美術館  in Higashi Ku this month.

The Illustrated Scroll of the Tale of Genji 2012 Special Viewing


The twelfth century Illustrated Handscroll of The Tale of Genji ranks as a masterpiece in Japanese art and the most famous object in The Tokugawa Art Museum collection. Only sections from three of the scrolls handed down through the Owari Tokugawa family and from one scroll long held by the Hachisuka family (now in the Gotoh Museum) survive today. The National Treasure is only displayed for one week a year and this year two sections of the surviving scrolls, Kashiwagi #2 (The Oak Tree) and Sawarabi (Early Ferns), will be on display from Saturday, November 17 – Sunday, November 25 (10:00 – 17:00, last entry 16:30); closed on Monday, November 19.

Illustrated scroll depicting the Battle of Yashima (1185)

Special Exhibition: Viewing Stories about the Genji and the Heike

    企画展示 眼で愉しむ 源氏と平家の物語

The distinctive warriors of the Genji (Minamoto) and Heike (Taira) clans have inspired many stories featuring their various exploits. Among them, The Tale of the Heike portrays many of the most famous legends, including Taira no Kiyomori’s rise and fall, the heroism of Minamoto no Yoshitsune in the Genpei War, and the tragic end of the Taira family. This tale’s powerful influence on later generations can be seen in the profusion of works based on this material in other genres such as folk tales, Noh, the Joruri Puppet Theater, and other performing arts. Through paintings, texts, and decorative arts, this exhibition introduces the narrative world of the Genji and the Heike and runs from Saturday, November 17 – Thursday, December 13.

About the Museum

  • Open: 10:00 – 17:00 (last entry 16:30) and is closed on Mondays.
  • Admission: Entry 1200 Yen, 1000 Yen for adults with a Subway Day Pass. A joint admission ticket to Tokugawa Art Museum, Tokugawaen (see above), and the Hosa Library costs 1350 Yen for adults.
  • Access: By Nagoya Kanko Route Bus from in front of Nagoya Station – bus stop 8 – in service between 09:30 & 15:30 runs every 20 – 30 minutes on weekends and every 30 – 60 minutes on weekdays. By any outbound City or Meitetsu bus from the bus stop above Shiyakusho Subway Station – runs every 10 to 15 minutes. Get off at Tokugawa-en Shindeki 徳川園新出来.


RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles

Performing in Japan for the first time, RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles is an award-winning Beatles tribute show that was on Broadway as recently as July 2011. The show features 30 songs and tracks the US success of the Beatles from their 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan show and songs such as “She Loves You” to later hits such as “Let It Be” with the band’s appearance and costume changing with each era.

Photo by: Joan Marcus

  • When: Tuesday, November 20 (19:00) and Wednesday, November 21 (19:00)
  • Where: Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Large Hall名古屋市公会堂 大ホール
  • Access: Located at the edge of Tsuruma Park. A 5 minute walk from JR Tsurumai Station and Tsurumai Subway Station, exit 4.
  • Tickets: S-seat 8500 Yen. A-seat 6000 Yen. Available online at and, Lawson with L-code 42799, or with P-code 177-358 from Circle K & Sunkus stores, Seven Eleven, and Ticket Pia.



This popular South Korean musical made its international debut at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it received an award for best performance. Since then it has been staged in 18 countries around the world including a run off Broadway. Set in a busy kitchen, the almost completely non-verbal show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, pantomime and audience participation.

Photo: Courtesy of Chukyo TV Broadcasting

  • When: Friday, November 9 (19:00) / Saturday, November 10 (13:00 / 17:00) / Sunday, November 11 (11:00 / 15:00)
  • Where: Meitetsu Hall 名鉄ホール (Meitetsu Department Store 10F) 名鉄百貨店10F
  • Tickets: 7350 Yen (pre-school children not allowed). Available with P-code 421-596 from Circle K & Sunkus stores, Seven Eleven, and Ticket Pia, or from Lawson with L-code 40580.
  • Access: A short walk from Nagoya Station (JR / Meitetsu / Kintetsu / Subway)


Japanese Cooking Event – ‘Nabe-mono’ – Pot dishes

Photo from the english wikipedia by Kapichu`Nabe-mono´is a general term for dishes cooked in a single pot or in a saucepan placed on the table. Learn how to make nabe-dishes with other Japanese and foreign residents. Limited to 20 participants.
  • When: Sunday, November 25 (18:30 – 20:30)
  • Where: Will Aichi (Aichi Women’s Center)  2F Cooking Studio
  • Access: A 10 minute walk east from Shiyakusho Subway Station, exit 2
  • Admission: Non-Japanese 1000 Yen, Japanese 2000 Yen (ingredients included); reservations are required. To reserve your place and for more information contact the International Cross Culture Promotion Center at 080-1559-9744 or


Mikan Picking in Aichi

Known in the West as satsumas – after Satsuma Province in Kyushu from where they were originally imported during the Meiji Period – the mikan orange is a seedless and easy-peeling citrus fruit usually harvested from autumn to late winter in mild coastal areas of central and southern Japan.

The mikan-picking season in Aichi runs from October to December. So why not enjoy the late autumn weather and get your daily dose of vitamin C by visiting one of these fruit farms and picking your own mikans?

Gamagori Orange Park


Pick and eat as many as you like. Each visitor (except pre-schoolers) gets a 1kg bag of mikans to take home. No reservations required.

  • When: October 1 to late December (09:00 – 17:00; last entry 15:30)
  • Admission: Adults 1115 Yen, children 1050 Yen, pre-schoolers 525 Yen.
  • Open: Daily 09:00 – 17:00
  • Address: Gamagori City, Seida-cho, Ogurimi1-93  蒲郡市清田町小栗見1-93
  • Website:
  • Access: A 15 minute (5km) taxi ride from JR Gamagori Station 蒲郡. By car it is a 10 minute drive from Otowa Gamagori Junction 音羽蒲郡 IC


UNICEF Christmas Cards

UNICEF Christmas cards go on sale from Thursday, November 15 (until stocks last)at the Nagoya International Center 3F Information Counter.

There are 40 varieties available, priced between 180 and 200 Yen each. The number of cards is limited. For more information call the NIC Info Counter at 052-581-0100.

Every child has the right to good health, nutrition, water and sanitation, quality education, and protection from violence and exploitation. UNICEF works with partners to save and improve the lives of children around the world. You too can give children a better future.


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices are subject to change without notice.

(NIC Event Information)

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