The Nagoya International Music Festival



  • When: Saturday, June 8 | Sunday, June 16 | Saturday, June 22 | Friday, July 5
  • Where: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theatre 愛知県芸術劇場 Concert Hall (6/22 Large Hall) Tickets available from Ticket Pia, Playguide, Seven Eleven, Circle K, & Sunkus stores using the below P-codes.
  • June 8 (17:00) – Kyung-Wha Chung Violin Recital – 4000 to 8000 Yen. (P-code 185-189) June 16 (14:00) – Daniel Harding & the Mahler Chamber Orchestra – 6000 to 15000 Yen. (P-code 185-191) June 22 (17:00) Theater Basel – Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro – 6000 to 22,000 Yen. (P-code 185-195) July 5 (18:45) Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra – Music of Bohemia – 4000 to 10,000 Yen. (P-code 185-199)


Women of Ireland

ウーマン・オブ・アイルランド アイリッシュ・ダンス&ミュージック
Women of Ireland
Women of Ireland

Artists from Riverdance and Celtic Woman come together to perform in an outstanding full stage production showcasing a live band, world-class dancers, and five of the best female performers from Ireland. After sell-out tours of North America and Ireland, Women of Ireland comes to Japan for the first time. Performers include Shioban Manson (dancer, Riverdance), Deirdre Shannon (vocals, Celtic Woman), Niamh Gallagher (fiddle), the O’Neill Sisters (vocals), and the only male dancer in the troupe, Anthony Fallon (dancer, Riverdance).

    • When: Saturday, July 13 (17:00)
    • Where: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater, Large Hall 愛知県芸術劇場大ホール ‒ located in the Aichi Arts Center (connected to Oasis 21 at the basement level) in Sakae.
    • Tickets: B-5000 Yen, A-8000 Yen, S-10,000 Yen. Available with P-code 427-116 from Circle K & Sunkus stores, Seven Eleven, and Ticket Pia, or from Lawson with L-code 47150


The Genealogy of the Bizen Sword

企画展示: 備前刀の系譜
Sword manufacture in Bizen entered its golden agefrom the Kamakura Period (1185-1333)

The province of Bizen, present-day Okayama Prefecture, was known as a place for the production of swords, counted as one of the three major manufacturing regions along with Yamashiro (Kyoto Prefecture) and Sagami (Kanagawa Prefecture). In particular, Bizen’s sword production flourished because of the province’s abundant raw materials and thriving waterborne traffic. Sword manufacture in Bizen entered its golden age from the Kamakura Period (1185–1333), and large numbers were produced during the Nanboku-chō Period (1336 – 1392), when the demand increased nationwide. In this exhibition, the museum introduces the works of the Ichimonji and Osafune Schools to explore the history and the genealogy of swordsmiths from Bizen.

  • When: Saturday, June 1 – Sunday, July 21 (10:00 – 17:00, last entry 16:30); closed on Mondays* (*open on Monday July 15, closed on Tuesday July 16)
  • Where: Tokugawa Art Museum 徳川美術館, Higashi-ku.
  • Admission: Entry 1200 Yen, 1000 Yen for adults with a Subway Day Pass. College & HS students 700 Yen, JHS & Elementary students 500 Yen.
  • Access: By Nagoya Kanko Route Bus from in front of Nagoya Station – bus stop 8 – in service between 09:30 & 15:30 runs at on and half-past the hour on weekends; half-past the hour only on weekdays.  By any outbound City or Meitetsu bus from the bus stop above Shiyakusho Subway Station – runs every 10 to 15 minutes. Get off at Tokugawa-en Shindeki 徳川園新出来.
  • Website: www.tokugawa-art-museum.jp


Creators Market, Port Messe


Over 3500 amateur and professional designers will be exhibiting and selling their creations. A wide range of original hand made art, graphics, crafts, interior design, and fashion items will be on sale.

Creators Market  - over 3500 amateur and professional designers exhibiting and selling their creations!
Creators Market – over 3500 amateur and professional designers exhibiting and selling their creations!
  • When: Saturday, June 29 & Sunday, June 30 (11:00 – 18:00)
  • Where: Port Messe Nagoya ポートメッセなごや, Exhibition Halls 2 & 3
  • Access: A 5 minute walk from the Aonami Line’s Kinjo-futo Station 金城ふ頭 (the last stop).
  • Admission: Adults 800 Yen; advanced tickets (600 Yen), and two day ticket 1000 Yen; all available from Circle K, Sunkus, Seven Eleven, and Ticket Pia (P-code 988-231), Lawson and Mini-Stop (code L-48413). Up to 2 children of elementary school age or younger can enter for free with a paying adult.
  • Website: http://creatorsmarket.com/                                                                              ++++++

Nostalgic Car Show 2013, Port Messe

BP名古屋ノスタルジックカーショー A car show featuring cars from the 1970’s. As well as event and car shop booths there’s also a popular engine revving demonstration (ノスタルジックカーサウンドミュージアム), a garage sale & swap meet.
A car show in Nagoya at Port Messe featuring cars from the 70′s!
  • When: Saturday, June 15, & Sunday, June 16 (10:00 to 16:00)
  • Where: Port Messe Nagoya ポートメッセなごや Exhibition Hall 1
  • Admission: 1800 Yen for adults, free for elementary age children and below.
  • Access: A 5 minute walk from the Aonami Line’s Kinjo-futo Station金城ふ頭                                                                      


Exterior & Garden Fair Nagoya 2013, Port Messe


Includes displays, design contest, kid’s corners, stamp rally, stage talk shows, charity auction, and an E&G market. There are also 3 open classes on June 8 (beginner’s gardening class 1000 Yen), kokedama moss ball class (1000 Yen), and a kitchen garden class (1500 Yen). Admission is free!

Nagoya’s Exterior & Garden Fair 2013
  • When: Friday, June 7 (10:00 – 18:00) & Saturday, June 8 (10:00 – 16:00)
  • Where: Port Messe Nagoya ポートメッセ名古屋 Exhibition Hall 3; a 5 minute walk from Kinjo – -futo – Station 金城ふ頭. There are also 4100 parking spaces available (700 Yen per car).
  • Website: http://eg-fair.jp/index.html


Suhara Koen Recreation Park


Suhara Koen 洲原公園 Suhara Koen is a recreation park area with tennis courts, heated pools, and a lake with boats (all at additional cost). Two types of barbeque sites available: open paved areas for those who bring their own barbeque and brick barbeque sites (comes with picnic benches) for those that don’t.

Fee: Free, but you need to bring all BBQ utensils. Open: 09:00 until sunset. Closed on Wednesdays. Reservations: Required and can be made up to 1 month in advance by calling (in Japanese) 0566-36-8122 (9:00~21:00) Address: Kariya-shi, Igaya-cho, Suhara 刈谷市井ケ谷町洲原 Access By City Community Bus (free): From Meitetsu Fujimatsu Station (08:51, 09:49, 12:09, 13:39, 15:34). From JR Kariya Station North Exit (08:26, 09:25, 11:45, 13:15, 15:10) By Car: A 5km drive north of Imagawacho-higashi 今川町東 intersection on Route 1 or a 5km drive south from Fukudabashiminami 福田橋南 intersection on route 153. Parking is free. Website: www.katch.ne.jp/~aichswim-sop/


Japan Monkey Park

Photo Courtesy of Japan Monkey Park
                              Photo Courtesy of Japan Monkey Park

Located on a hillside in the Aichi countryside, this combined zoo and amusement park is crammed with attractions for the whole family. Due to the hillside location of the park, the weather can be unpredictable, so come prepared. The amusement park has over 30 rides for all ages including Canyon Splash, a large Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, and a roller coaster; some age and height restrictions apply. Single rides cost between 200 and 500 Yen, but a one day passport which includes admission fee and an unlimited pass for attractions is a popular and less expensive way to enjoy the park. As the name of the park suggests, this is a monkeys only facility, and as such, most inhabitants enjoy relatively large, free, natural enclosures. Some monkeys even traverse overhead monkey bars – make sure you cover your head as you pass through the park’s “drop zones”. You can also casually walk around an area that is home to 3 varieties of monkey who are free to roam around.

  • Open: Hours may vary by season. Please check our website to confirm. Open weekdays 10:00 – 17:00, weekends & holidays 09:30 – 17:00. School summer holidays open 09:30 – 18:00.
  • Park Admission: Adults 1600 Yen, children (aged 2+) 800 Yen
  • One-day passport: Adults 3900 Yen, elementary school students 3200 Yen, children (aged 2 and below elementary school age) 2400 Yen.
  • Access: A 5 minute bus ride on the community bus from Meitetsu Inuyama Station’s east exit. Costs 160 Yen for adults, 80 Yen for children. Departs 2-3 times an hour on weekdays, 3-4 times per hour on weekends & holidays. By car it’s a 20 minute drive from Komaki IC via Route 41. Parking for regular cars is 1000 Yen between March & November and 500 Yen at other times.Website: www.japan-monkeypark.jp and www.j-monkey.jp


Menard Art Museum – Masterpieces from the Collection III – Japanese-style Painting

メナード美術館開館25周年記念コレクション名作展III – 近代日本画と工芸
Image: Heihachiro Fukuda - A Sparrow on Bamboo Pardal em bambu - c.1966
Image: Heihachiro Fukuda –A Sparrow on Bamboo Pardal em bambu – c.1966

We all have preferences for certain colours and shapes. This is not too different from painters and craftsmen, who whilst establishing their own style, discover their preference of colours and shapes by taking inspiration from Mother Nature and the works of great artists who came before them. The last of 3 exhibitions held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the museum. This exhibition features 65 works from 33 contemporary Japanese artists. Enjoy the wide variety of colours and shapes expressed by the artists on show.

  • When: Until Sunday, June 30
  • Where: Menard Art Museum メナード 美術館, Komaki City
  • Open: 10:00 – 17:00; closed Mondays (open 7/16 closed 7/7).
  • Admission: Adults 800 Yen, students 600 Yen, JHS & elementary students 300 Yen.
  • English website: http://museum.menard.co.jp/english
  • Access: A 15 minute walk from (Meitetsu) Komaki Station 小牧. Komaki Station is connected to the Kamiiida Subway Line.


Francis Bacon Exhibition


Photo: Francis Bacon – Three Studies of George Dyer, 1969 – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art  © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS 2012 Z0012

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Francis Bacon (1909-1992) spent most of his life in London and has been categorized alongside Picasso as one of the archetypal painters of the 20th century. Bacon, most of whose important works are held in museum collections, with those from private collections fetching extremely high prices at auctions, is said to be among the most difficult artists in the world for whom to organize an exhibition. Perhaps this is the reason why it has been thirty years since a solo exhibition of his work has been held in Japan, the last time being during Bacon’s lifetime in 1983.

Timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his death, this exhibition will introduce audiences to Bacon’s “world” by presenting around 35 of his artworks. Of these, around five will be triptychs, the format that came to symbolize his art practice, as result of which the total number will seem even higher. In addition to the five works known to be held in collections in Japan, works from major collections from around the world – including the Tate, the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Hirshhorn Museum (Washington), the Estate of Francis Bacon, and the Yageo Foundation (Taiwan) – will make the journey to Japan.

  • When: Saturday, June 8 – Sunday, September 1
  • Open: 10:00 – 17:30 (last entry 17:00). Closed on Mondays (open on 7/15 & 8/12).
  • Where: Toyota Municipal Museum of Art 豊田市美術館
  • Access: Located next to the Aichi Loop Line trains tracks, A 15 minute walk south of Shin Toyota Station or Meitetsu Toyota Shi Station (accessible via Tsurumai Subway Line).
  • Admission: Adults 1400 Yen, college students 1000 Yen, high school students 700 Yen, free admission for children (0-JHS). Advanced tickets available until June 7 with P-code 765-653 from Ticket Pia, Circle K, Sunkus, and Seven Eleven.


World Collaboration Festival 2013


The World Collaboration Festival is looking for groups and organisations (choirs, bands, dance teams, drama groups, variety acts, etc) that are based in the Tokai area interested in performing on-stage at the World Collaboration Festival on Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27 at the Oasis 21 in Sakae.  Acts should have either a strong connection to a foreign culture, or promote international exchange or multicultural harmony.

For those who are interested in taking part, information sessions will be held in Japanese on Friday, June 21 (18:30- 20:00) and on Saturday, June 22 (13:00 – 14:30) at the Aichi International Plaza near Shiyakusho Subway Station.  Reservations are required. For further inquiries, contact Ms. Kaba at the NIC directly at 052-581-5691.

Download PDF (376KB – Japanese) – for info and to apply for the compulsory information session.


”See Saturn” @ Star Gazing at the Science Museum

Join the monthly Star Gazing group at the Nagoya Science Museum.
Join the monthly Star Gazing group at the Nagoya Science Museum.

Observe the night sky through the science museum’s large telescope; other smaller telescopes will also be available.  The theme of the upcoming night is Saturn.

  • When: Saturday, July 20 (18:45 – 21:00)
  • Where: Rooftop observatory, Nagoya City Science Museum 名古屋市科学館
  • Participation: Adults 700 Yen, school-age children 300 Yen. Numbers are limited to 250 participants. To apply, send a reply-paid post card to 〒460-0008 Nagoya, Naka Ku, Sakae 2-17-1, Nagoya City Science Museum to arrive by Saturday, June 29; on the reverse write: “July 20 – Stars” and include the number of adults & children in your group. – See http://www.bit.ly/ofukuhagaki to find out how to write a reply-paid postcard.
  • Website: (Japanese) http://www.ncsm.city.nagoya.jp/visit/attraction/starparty/night/h25.html


Dealing with Insects in Summer


Related Japanese;

  • 虫よけ / mushiyoke / insect repellent
  • 殺虫剤 / sacchuuzai / insecticide
  • 蚊取り線香 / katorisenkou / mosquito coil

With more heat and humidity than most of us are used to, Japan’s summer can have us concerned about more than just the excess sweat!  Apart from having to deal with the temperature and humidity, insects can be a real nuisance, and given the chance, they love getting indoors too.

Fortunately, Japan offers a very large variety of innovative insect repelling products to help us get through the summer with as little insect interruption as possible.  Some of these products might be (or not be) unknown to you, but are well worth checking out at your local home centre or drug store’s insect repellent/extermination sections.

Noteworthy items include;

  • Hangable insect repellent pods (for use on clotheslines and front/back doorknobs)
  • Flyscreen attachable insect repellents
  • Bee/wasp/hornet specific insecticide sprays, including hive sprays which let you spray from a safe distance
  • Insect repelling wrist bands and sprays

The majority of these products have been designed for season-long use, however are available in a range of configurations to suit your requirements.  For example the hangable repellents are available in 30, 60, 150, 200 days etc – and are clearly marked in large text on the packaging.


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices are subject to change without notice.


(NIC Events Information)

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