Nagoya Christmas Markets

Photo courtesy of Nagoya Christmas Market
                                   Photo courtesy of Nagoya Christmas Market

For the first time in Nagoya!

Mulled wine (Glühwein), sausages, sweets, cookies, chestnuts and Christmas decorations make up this warming German/Austrian/European inspired Christmas event come to life right here in the middle of Nagoya.  Why not run along and enjoy the magical and romantic atmosphere of the festive season.

When: Friday, 13 December to Wednesday, 25 December.  Weekdays 16:00 to 21:00. Weekends and public holidays 12:00 to 21:00. In the event of heavy storms, opening times may be shortened. The markets will operate in the event of rain.

Where: Hisaya-odori Koen

Cost: Free entry (drinks and food are charged).

Access: Sakae Subway


FAE 28 – The Foreign Artists Exhibition



Visitors to Nagoya International Center’s 4th floor display room, between December 3rd (Tuesday) and 8th (Sunday), will be able to enjoy the artworks of around 60 foreign artists resident in the Chubu Region, central Japan, who will be taking part in the long-running Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE), now in its 28th year. The NIC has been supporting this ever-popular event since its inception in 1986 which has featured the work of artists from over 40 countries to date. This year’s show will include a wide range of photography, drawings and paintings (oil, acrylic, and watercolours), woodblock prints, illustration, graphics, “glitch” art, installations, a range of design work, and much more. Why not make a visit to FAE 28 and see what local artists are doing. You might be surprised!

When: Tuesday, December 3 to Sunday, December 8 (10:00 – 19:00; until 17:00 on 12/8)

Where: Nagoya International Center 4F Exhibition Room

Cost: Admission is FREE!


Fukugonji Fire Walking Festival



Fukugonji’s fire walking festival is a tradition that has been carried on for over 500 years. It’s a festival undertaken to cleanse the human spirit of the years impurities and also to provide the people with protection from fire. This year, in addition to all the festivities, Kodou (Japan’s legendary Taiko team), will be coming all the way from Sado island to perform. Join this unique event in December for a night of fire, food, music, and maybe a little introspection.

When: Sunday, December 8 13:00 to 20:00 Where: Fukugonji Temple, 5229 O-kusa, Komaki-shi, Aichi-ken. Access: From JR Kasugai Station 春日井駅 you can take a taxi directly to the festival or ride on the Aoi bus from Kasugai Station to Shiroyama 4-Chome 城山四丁目。From there it’s a 10 minute walk to the temple and we should have signs up to guide people. Cost: 300 Yen. Further Details: Check the website at For more information on Kodou (the taiko team), visit


Illumination: Chapter 1 “Rainbow”

イルミネーション 第1章「虹」
Photo courtesy of Ran no Yakata
       Photo courtesy of Ran no Yakata

This year’s theme is the rainbow. Approximately 250 types of orchids from around the world in the atrium and pond of the grounds beautifully coloured with about 170,000 decorative lights! As well as enjoying the florid surrounds where the rainbow illuminates the winter evening, take this opportunity to take some memorable photographs at this picturesque location. The courtyard’s pond will also be lit up and will further add a magical touch to the atmosphere.

When: Saturday, November 9 to Wednesday, December 25 (illuminated between 16:00 and 20:00). Between December 19 and 25, open till 21:00. Closed on Wednesdays (in the event of a public holiday, closed the following day). Also open on December 25. Where: Ran no Yakata (ランの館), Nagoya Naka-ku, Osu 4 chome Access: Approximately a 3 minute walk from Subway Yabacho Station exit 4 or about a 5 minute walk from Subway Kamimaezu station. Cost: 700 Yen for adults (500 Yen for entry after 17:00). Children (elementary school students and below gain free entry).


Nagoya Akari Night 2013



See the central area of Sakae gloriously decorated with an impressive display of lighting. You’ll see petite hand-made lights line the paths, as well as overwhelming displays of LED lights illuminate the walkways. Attend the delightful Nanzan Seirei School Choir Christmas Carols performance on the evening of Christmas Eve at Hisaya-Odori Koen. Also see the Crystal Tree feature (with approx. 10,000 LED lights!) at Mochi-no-Ki Hiroba until mid-February!

When: Until Sunday, February 16. Lit up between 17:00 and 23:00. Where: Around the base of the TV Tower, Mochi-no-Ki Hiroba, Hisaya-Odori Koen. Access: A short walk from Sakae Subway. Enquiries: Nagoya Akari Night Administrative Office (Nagoya TV Tower K.K.) Tel. 052-971-8546.


AFSA – The 49th International Students Evening



International students will be providing cuisine from their home countries and presenting songs & dances in their native languages.  Hosted by the Aichi Foreign Students’ Association (AFSA). Why not join them? All are welcome.

When: Saturday, December 14 (12:30 to 16:20) Where: Nagoya International Center Annex Hall. Cost: Students 500 Yen, non-students 1000 Yen. For more information call the ISC at 052-654-3511.


Sea Train Land Very Merry Christmas 2013

Photo courtesy of Sea Train Land
Photo courtesy of Sea Train Land

All of the usual attractions will be lit up with a touch of Christmas cheer using approximately 10,000 lights in total, including the 8 metre tall Jumbo Christmas Tree! With a starlit sky themed dome with illuminated dolphins and hearts, the whole theme park will become a charming and atmospheric location for all.

Where: Nagoya Port – Nagoya Sea Train Land

When: Until Wednesday, December 25 open from 16:30 to 22:00. On weekdays, the large ferris wheel operates until 22:00. All other attractions operate until 20:00. Christmas lights will be on until 22:00. The theme park is closed on Mondays (except December 23)

Access: Approximately a 5 minute walk from Subway Nagoya Port Station, exit 3.

Cost: Free entry. Attractions and rides are charged per ride. Day passes also available for unlimited rides – elementary students and over 2,200 Yen, children not yet in elementary school or above 3 years of age 1,200 Yen.


Star Light Revue 2013

スター☆ライト レビュー 2013

starlight In the Garden Pier’s Tsudoi Plaza at the Port of Nagoya a huge, 15m-high Christmas tree and over 45,000 illuminations will be lit up each night between 17:00 and 22:00 until December 25. The “Starlight Hanabi” – a 30-minute winter firework display launched over the ocean and set to music – is on December 24 (19:00 – 19:30). Both events are free! The Free Hills Jazz  Orchestra will also be performing a special Christmas concert on December 24 from 18:00 – 18:30 & 20:00 – 20:30.

Access: A short walk from Nagoyako Subway Station, on the Meiko Line exit 3. 550 parking spaces available (30 mins 100, max 1000 Yen). Parking is not available (30 mins 100, max 1000 Yen up to 24 hrs from time of entry). On Dec. 24, please use public transport due to traffic conditions.


Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Kaikan

Photo courtesy of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Kaikan
                                  Photo courtesy of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Kaikan

The history of tie-dyeing (shibori) in Arimatsu dates back to 1608. The 400 year success of Arimatsu Shibori began when the lord of Owari decided to endorse the industry as the region’s specialty. From long ago, tourists would buy Arimatsu Shibori as souvenirs as they were known to be the specialty of the region. The success of the industry was even depicted in various ukiyoe prints by famous artists Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige.

At the Tie-Dyeing Museum, you can see demonstrations (on the 2nd floor / closed 12:00-13:00 for lunch), as well as experience tie-dyeing first hand (reservations required) by making handkerchiefs, table centers, noren (small curtains), t-shirts and aprons. Tied items are dyed later, so you cannot take them home with you on the day, however the museum does arrange a paid mailing service. Items are sent out approximately 10-14 days later. The museum also has a shop and exhibition area with informational videos and various items on display.

When: Open 9:30 to 17:00. Closed on Wednesdays (if a public holiday, closed the next day instead. No closed days between April and November). There may be extra closed days at certain times, please confirm before visiting to avoid disappointment.

Where: 3008, Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya, 458-0924

Access: Approximately a 5 minute walk from Arimatsu Station 有松駅 (Meitetsu Line).

Cost: Exhibition and video area – Adults 300 Yen, Senior HS students and under 100 Yen. Workshop cost varies depending on the product you wish to make, ranging from 1,050 Yen to 3,150 Yen.

Contact: E-mail to make a booking for the workshop or for further information. See the website for more information in English at


Chocolate: The Exhibition

Photo courtesy of Nagoya City Science Museum
Photo courtesy of Nagoya City Science Museum

Blessed by nature, with the humble cacao bean, chocolate was created by mankind through our wisdom and know-how. It can even be said that chocolate connects us all in some way or another around the world. This exhibition brings to you the charm of chocolate; from the origins and history to the finer points of the chocolate manufacturing process – even introducing you to aspects such as fragrance and melting texture. Make sure you take this fantastic opportunity to step into the amazing world of chocolate!

The exhibition is arranged into 5 zones as follows; 1) Cacao – The Origin of Chocolate 2) History around Chocolate 3) Chocolate and Japan 4) The Process of Chocolate Making 5) Chocolate Promenade – Let’s Learn More about Chocolate

When: From Tuesday, December 17 2013 to Sunday, February 23 2014 from 9:30 to 17:00 (last entry 16:30). Closed on Mondays (if a public holiday, closed the following day instead). Closed December 29 to January 3 and every 3rd Friday. Where: Nagoya City Science Museum Access: A 5 minute walk from exit 5 of Fushimi Station. Tickets: On the day – Adults 1,300 Yen, Senior HS and University Students 800 Yen, Elementary and Junior HS Students 500 Yen. Buy in advance and save up to 200 Yen off admission. The price also includes admission to the Museum’s permanent exhibitions. Advance tickets available from the NCSM Museum Shop, Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven (7-code 025-343), Circle K Sunkus (P-code 988-439) and Lawson (L-code 40979).

This exhibition was originally created by The Field Museum, Chicago with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation.


Hokusai Exhibition

Hokusai 北斎
Katsuhika Hokusai “Fine Wind, Clear Weather (Gaifu Kaisei), also known as Red Fuji, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku sanjurokkei)”, Japanese, Edo period, c. 1830-31 (Tenpo 1-2) Nellie Parney Carter Collection – Bequest of Nellie Parney Carter 34.314. Photograph ©2013 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All rights reserved.

Hokusai, born in 1760 in Edo, is undeniably one of the most famous Japanese artists to date. Well known for “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and other works in his amazing series “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”. The NAGOYA/BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS in Nagoya will be the first venue in Japan (followed by Kobe, North Kyushu and Tokyo) to exhibit approximately 140 works in this exhibition. To say the least, you will be nothing short of overwhelmed at this exhibition – from ukiyoe of beautiful women to flowers, birds and landscapes, as well as other rare and astonishing pieces from various collections from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Be sure not to miss this amazing opportunity to see some of the most loved Japanese art in history.

When: Saturday, 21 December 2013 to Sunday, 23 March 2014. Open weekdays 10:00 to 19:00. Weekends, public holidays, January 2 and 3, open 10:00 to 17:00. Last entry 30 minutes before closing. Closed on Mondays (in the event of a public holiday, closed the following day instead) and between December 27 and January 1.


Access: A short walk from Kanayama Station (south exit). Accessible by JR, Meitetsu, Meijo and Meiko subway lines.


Children’s Story Book Time
December and Christmas Special

Come and share in the fun at the Nagoya International Center 3F Library & listen to foreign volunteers as they read a selection of books in their native language from the library’s vast collection of children’s story books. An excellent opportunity for both listening and vocabulary building skills as well as for socializing with other children.

There’s a Christmas event too in early December where there’ll be readings, quiz games and songs! All are welcome! Participation is free!


Upcoming Schedule*

  • Christmas Special! Sunday, December 8 (13:00 – 16:00) in Indonesian, Spanish, French and English!

*Languages and times are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. Feel free to contact us on 052-581-0100 if confirmation is required before coming to the NIC Library.


The 4th Aichi World Refugee Food Party 2013


Enjoy food from Africa, Asia, America and more!

Get to know refugees living in Japan and hear presentations on their experiences. There will be a dinner buffet, music, dance and cultural shows.

When: Saturday, December 14, 17:00 to 20:00 (entry open from 16:00) Where: Aichi University Coop Campus Restaurant, Nagoya Access: Approximately a 10 minute walk from Nagoya Station Cost: 500 Yen Contact: Moses Ssentamu /


Nagoya City Year End & New Year Refuse Collection

Don’t be stuck with huge bags of garbage in your apartment until the New Year. Make a note of the last and first garbage collection days of 2013 / 2014.

Burnable Refuse & Hazardous Flammable Waste 可燃ごみ・発火性危険物 Last and first garbage collection days of 2013 / 2014.

  • Regular collection day: Monday & Thursday            Dec 30 (Monday)*              Jan 6 (Mon)*
  • Regular collection day: Tuesday & Friday                 Dec 31 (Tue)                          Jan 7 (Tue)

*includes spray cans, disposable lighters, and other hazardous flammable items; don’t put them in the same bag as your burnable refuse!

Recyclables資源Plastic wrapping & plastic containers Last and first garbage collection days of 2013 / 2014.

  • Regular collection day: Monday                                 Dec 30                                 Jan 6
  • Regular collection day: Tuesday                                 Dec 31                                  Jan 7
  • Regular collection day: Wednesday                           Dec 25                                  Jan 8
  • Regular collection day: Thursday                               Dec 26                                  Jan 9
  • Regular collection day: Friday                                    Dec 27                                  Jan 10

Recyclables資源Paper / Pet Bottles / Cans / Glass Bottles Last and first garbage collection days of 2013 / 2014.

  • Regular collection day: Monday                                 Dec 30                                 Jan 13*
  • Regular collection day: Tuesday                                 Dec 31                                  Jan 7
  • Regular collection day: Wednesday                           Dec 25                                  Jan 8
  • Regular collection day: Thursday                               Dec 26                                  Jan 9
  • Regular collection day: Friday                                    Dec 27                                  Jan 10

*no collection on January 6

Non-Burnable Refuse不燃ごみ & Over-Size Refuse粗大ごみ Last and first garbage collection days of 2013 / 2014.

  • Regular collection day: 1st Wednesday                              Dec 4                            Jan 8
  • Regular collection day: 1st Thursday                                   Dec 5                            Jan 9
  • Regular collection day: 1st Friday                                        Dec 6                            Jan 10
  • Regular collection day: 2nd Wednesday                              Dec 11                          Jan 15
  • Regular collection day: 2nd Thursday                                  Dec 12                          Jan 16
  • Regular collection day: 2nd Friday                                       Dec 13                          Jan 17
  • Regular collection day: 3rd Wednesday                              Dec 18                          Jan 22
  • Regular collection day: 3rd Thursday                                   Dec 19                          Jan 23
  • Regular collection day: 3rd Friday                                        Dec 20                          Jan 24
  • Regular collection day: 4th Wednesday                              Dec 25                          Jan 29
  • Regular collection day: 4th Thursday                                   Dec 26                          Jan 30
  • Regular collection day: 4th Friday                                        Dec 27                          Jan 31

Collection of Over-Size Refuse is only once a month and by reservation only; there is also a collection fee.

See for full details of how to apply. Mobile and smart phone users can scan the QR code to jump to our website.

The “over-size refuse ” (sodai-gomi粗大ごみ) call center will also be closed between December 28 and January 5. Applications for the disposal of over-sized items (052-950-2581) on January 8 to January 10 should be made by Friday, December 27. You can also call via the Nagoya International Center’s 3-way phone interpreter service 052-581-6112.


All Night Subways & Discount Subway Travel

The Do-nichi Eco Kippu ドニチエコきっぷis a one-day pass that allows commuters to ride all Nagoya City subways and city buses all day on Saturday, Sundays, holidays, the 8th of the month, and between Dec 29 & Jan 3! It only costs 600 Yen for adults, 300 Yen for children (aged 6 to 12), and it can be purchased at any subway station ticket gate or on a city bus. Upto two preschoolers can ride for free when accompanied by a valid ticket holder.

What’s more, the Higashiyama, Meijo, Meiko, Tsurumai, and Sakuradori lines will be running ALL NIGHT on December 31! There will be a train approximately every 30 minutes throughout the night. If you first use a Do-nichi Eco Kippu before 22:00 on December 31 the ticket can be used until 06:00 on January 1, and if you first use a Do-nichi Eco Kippu after 22:00 on December 31 the ticket can be used until the last train on January 1. A full schedule will be posted at all subway stations from December 21.


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices are subject to change without notice.


(NIC Events Information)

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