Nanzan University Museum of Anthropology

Photo Courtesy of Nanzan University
Photo Courtesy of Nanzan University

Exhibited in this museum, are unique archaeological items from the Jomon and Yayoi eras, as well as ethnographies of the Hill Tribes of Thailand and the tribes of Papua New Guinea. You will also find modern Japanese history from the Showa-era. As the exhibits are kept in the open and not in glass enclosures, visitors are able to learn about these items while holding them in their very own hands. Here, just like a researcher, you’ll be able to take your time and closely pay attention to all of the intriguing details while learning something new.

When: Open 10:00 – 16:30 throughout the year. Closed on Sundays and University holidays (except 7/20 and 11/2). On every last Wednesday of the month, the museum closes early (13:00) for cleaning.

Approx. 8 minutes’ walk from Nagoya Daigaku Station (名古屋大学駅) Exit 1 (1番出口) on the Meijo Subway Line (地下鉄名城線).
Approx. 8 minutes’ walk from Yagoto Nisseki Station (八事駅日赤駅) Exit 1 (1番出口) on the Meijo Subway Line (地下鉄名城線). Approx. 15 minutes’ walk from Irinaka Station (いりなか駅) Exit 1 (1番出口) on the Tsurumai Subway Line (地下鉄鶴舞線).

Cost: Free

Website: http://www.ic.nanzan-u.ac.jp/MUSEUM/ (Japanese)


Nagoya City Museum “The Essence of Design”
Yan Ting Chen Poster Exhibition

名古屋市博物館 設計の本質 陳彦廷グラフィックデザインポスター展


YanTing Chen, born in Taiwan, is an international award winning designer responsible for the design of many well-known brands around the world. He graduated from New York’s Pratt Institute while on a government funded exchange. Since then, he has produced numerous works in a diverse range of design disciplines including; graphic design, video, websites and more. This exhibition will showcase his poster designs which have won major international awards.

When: Tuesday, June 10 to Sunday, June 15 (9:30 – 17:00). Last entry 16:30.

Where: Nagoya City Museum (名古屋市博物館)

Access: A 5 minute walk from Sakurayama Station (桜山駅) Exit 4 (4番出口) on the Sakuradōri Subway Line (地下鉄桜通線)

Cost: Free


Nagoya Auto Festival 2014



An exciting show with all the glamour and excitement you would expect from an event of this caliber. With stage dance performances and done up cars – you’re sure to enjoy. A bunch of special guests will also be making appearances and you’ll also find all the car paraphernalia you need at the vendor booths. Last year drew a crowd of around 50,000 people over the weekend, so you can expect a buzzing atmosphere.

When: Saturday, June 7 (10:00 – 19:00) and Sunday, June 8 (10:00 – 17:00). Last entry 30 minutes prior to closing times.

Where: Port Messe Nagoya Exhibition Hall 2 & 3 (ポートメッセなごや2・3号館)

Access: A 5 minute walk from Kinjo-futo Station (金城ふ頭駅) on the Aonami Line (あおなみ線).

Cost: Adults 2,000 (1,600) Yen; Holders of a Physically Disabled Persons’ Handbook 1,000 Yen. Elementary School Students and under gain free entry. Prices in brackets are for advance purchase tickets using P-code: 988-815 at Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, Circle K and SunKus or online.


Three Ways to Enjoy Centrair Airport

Centrair is a world class international airport in Tokoname City which services the Chubu region of Japan. It was the second airport in Japan to be built on a man-made D-shaped island, the other, being Kansai International Airport.

The facility is also home to a large number of shops and restaurants, as well as to various exhibition and illumination shows throughout the year.

Many visitors enjoy the modern and high tech atmosphere of the passageways and shopping areas, however there are a few fun tours available which you may not know about!

Runway Tours

Photo courtesy of Centrair
Photo courtesy of Centrair

See Centrair’s grand runway and certain restricted areas by bus! The tour will take you around the man-made island. On the way, the bus will let passengers alight* so that they can get close to the runway and feel the overwhelming sights and sounds of the airport at a proximity that they cannot normally experience. If there happens to be a plane parked at the apron, you’ll be able to see it up close. If it’s your first time, you’ll be surprised at how tall they are! Also see planes landing and taking off as you’re blasted away by the sound of the engines. Full of excellent photo opportunities the tour is fun for everyone, so don’t forget to take your camera!

*Weather, runway conditions etc. may mean passengers will not be able to alight.

How to book: Go to http://www.centrair.jp/enjoy/visit/centrair_tour/ and follow the link at the bottom of the page. Please note, the tours are only available in Japanese.

Cost: 3,480 Yen for passengers aged 3 and over. Bookings should be made at least eight days in advance. See the above link for full details and group pricing.

Segway Tours

Photo courtesy of Segway Guided Tours
Photo courtesy of Segway Guided Tours

Did you know that you can be guided around Centrair Airport in a group of up to eight people on a Segway? An instructor will show you how to “glide” before the tour which runs for approximately one hour. Segways give you a fun and easy way to glide around while enjoying the sights. A novel way to see the highlights of the airport which is sure to put a smile on your face. It’s also an interesting idea for groups of friends and family or for team building exercises. The tour takes you indoors and out.

How to book: Go to http://ch-re.jp/segway/ and follow the link at the bottom of the page. Please note, the tours are only available in Japanese.

Cost: 3,500 Yen (for 16 and overs only). Maximum group of 8 people.

Art Quilt Museum 2014

Photo courtesy of Centrair
Photo courtesy of Centrair

Every year, the theme of this permanent exhibition changes. This year, it is World Heritage sites. See giant quilts 2.5m x 2m in size hanging in this extravagant display. You’ll see many World Heritage sites and feel like you’re travelling the world as you walk through the area.

When: Scheduled to be on display until February 2015.

Where: Located at the Center Pier Garden on 1F and 2F.

Cost: Free


Yukata Dress Opportunity



Ever wanted to try wearing a Yukata? This is a great opportunity to learn about the style of dress and also get to try one on for yourself. There will be an explanatory session, to help you gain more understanding about Japan’s culture.

When: Saturday, June 21 (14:00 – 16:00)

Where: International Student Center (国際留学生会館)

Access: Walk approximately 200m south from Minato Kuyakusho Station (港区役所駅) Exit 2 (2番出口)

on the Meiko Subway Line (地下鉄名港線).

Cost: Free

How to apply: Applications will be accepted until June 20, and can be made by e-mailing isc@nic-nagoya.or.jp or calling 052-654-3511.


Thai Festival in Nagoya 2014

タイフェスティバル in Nagoya 2014
Click the image for a PDF version of the flyer

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Thai festival will be bringing the culture, music, martial arts and food of Thailand to Nagoya!

There will be a Thai restaurant zone, market stalls, Muay Thai, dancing, as well as live artists “Namcha” and “Hanuman”

When: Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15 (10:00 – 20:00)

Where: Hisayaōdōri Park (久屋大通公園)

Access: Close to Sakae Station (栄駅) Exit #10 (10番出口) on the Higashiyama and Meijō Subway Lines (地下鉄東山線/名城線)

Cost: Free entry. Charges apply for food, drinks etc.


Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art: “Resurrected Dreams: Paul Delvaux and Modern Belgian Art”

ヤマザキマザック美術館「ポール・デルヴォーとベルギー近代絵画 近代に
Fernand Khnopff circa 1900. “Practice Piece” Himeji City Museum of Art

Paul Delvaux (1897 –1994) was a representative artist of surrealism in the 20th century. He was responsible for the interior decoration of the guest room of the residence of the then Sabena Airlines chairman Gilbert Périer, where he depicted surreal scenes as wall murals. He masterfully blended scenes of an ancient temple in Greece with modern day buildings to create a dreamlike atmosphere he is so renowned for.

When ownership of the Périer residence changed hands, four of these works were transported to Japan. Three became part of the Himeji City Museum of Art collection, and the other was placed in the Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art collection. For the first time, these four works will be re-united.

In addition, the drawings for these works and photographs of the interior of the mansion will be exhibited thanks to the special assistance of the Paul Delvaux foundation. Visitors will be able to draw themselves closer to the wonder and charm of the Périer residence.

With the co-operation of The Himeji City Museum of Art, the exhibition will also have the pleasure of being able to present another twenty works by Delvaux, as well as a total of twenty-three works by Fernand Khnopff, James Ensor and René Magritte.

When: Saturday, June 14 to Tuesday, September 23 (10:00 – 17:30 on weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00 on weekends and holidays). Last entry 30 minutes prior to closing times. Closed on Mondays (closed the following weekday in the event it falls on a holiday).

Where: Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art (ヤマザキマザック美術館)

Access: Directly connected to Shinsakae-machi Subway Station (新栄町駅) Exit 1 (1番出口) on the Higashiyama Subway Line (地下鉄東山線).

Cost: Adults 1,300 (1,100) Yen; Under 18s 600 Yen; Pre-Elementary School Children gain free entry.


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices are subject to change without notice.


[NIC Events Information]

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