which ranks 7th among the male religious international congregations
marks its 140th Foundation Anniversary today,
September 8, 2015.


Arnold Janssen, the Founder

Arnold Janssen, the Founder


Arnold Janssen, SVD 
was a Roman Catholic priest and missionary
who is venerated as a saint.

 Born: November 5, 1837, Goch, Germany
Died:  January 15, 1909, Steyl, Netherlands
Education: University of Bonn
Organizations founded: The Divine Word Society,
The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters Congregation and
The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters Congregation.


Today almost 9.000 Divine Word Missionaries in 70 countries
across five continents continue the work of
Saint Arnold by bringing humanitarian services
and the Word of God to those in need.

In a world that is divided by cultural, social and religious differences,
Divine Word Missionaries are dedicated to encouraging people
to open their hearts and share in God’s love.

“One heart, many faces” was the theme of the canonization of Arnold Janssen
and Joseph Freinademetz, one of SVD’s great missionaries,
Vatican City, 5 October 2003.
It underlines that all people are included in God’s plan and their diversity is valued.




Divine Word Missionaries are called by the local church
–from all corners of the globe–
to live among the people, listen to their needs
and help everyone hear the voice of God.

Through evangelization, formation, biblical pastoral ministry, mission animation,
education, communication and works of justice and peace
for the integrity of creation,
Divine Word Missionaries make this vision a reality.


Happy Anniversary in purple and pink letter magnets

Nagoya, Japan, September 8, 2015
Henri Daros, SVD

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