Autumn Leaf Viewing

◆Jōkōji Temple Autumn Leaf Festival

Photo courtesy of Seto City Marutto Museum
Photo courtesy of Seto City Marutto Museum

Jōkōji is a Rinzai school Zen Buddhist temple connected to the Owari Tokugawa clan. Both the mausoleum of Owari Tokugawa clan ancestor Yoshinao and the late-Muromachi period (1336 – 1573) main hall (also known as the Mui-den) are designated National Important Cultural Assets, and the spectacle of the autumn leaves spreading throughout the grounds is not to be missed. The surrounding area includes Jokoji Park (centered around Shoden’ike Pond with its six-sided pavillion) and Jokoji Natural Recreation Forest, with walking paths through the forest and numerous spots where you can enjoy nature and feel the area’s history.

When: Sun. 1 Nov. to Mon. 30 Nov. (Best views expected between mid- to late-November. Please note that there will not be any stalls.)

Where: Jōkōji Temple (定光寺) and Jōkōji Park (定光寺公園) in Seto City (瀬戸市)

Access: Approximately a 20-minute walk from Jōkōji Station (定光寺駅) on the JR Chuo Main Line (JR中央本線).

Inquiries: Seto City Marutto Museum / Tourism Association, Phone: 0561-85-2730 (Japanese)


◆The 60th Kōrankei Autumn Leaf Festival
第60回記念 香嵐渓もみじまつり

Photo courtesy of Asuke Tourism Association
Photo courtesy of Asuke Tourism Association

The viewing of autumn leaves at Kōrankei Gorge is said to have its origins some 380 years ago, when the first
maples were planted by the 11th head priest of Kōjakuji Temple (香積寺), San’ei. With around 4,000 individual trees, Kōrankei is known for having one of the best vistas of red and yellow autumn foliage in the Tōkai region, which is also lit up from sunset until 21:00. Other evening events include ‘Wish Upon a Star in Asuke – Planetarium Under the Maples’ (1 – 8 Nov., weekdays 19:00 – 20:00; weekends and national holidays 18:00 – 20:00) and a new attraction – bamboo lamps at Kōjakuji Temple (14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 Nov., 18:00 – 20:45). A variety of other attractions, including tea ceremonies, musical and monkey performances, are scheduled throughout November.

When: Sun. 1 Nov. to Mon. 30 Nov.

Where: Kōrankei Hiroba (香嵐渓広場) and surrounds in Asuke-chō (足助町), Toyota City (豊田市)

Access: From Higashi Okazaki Station (東岡崎駅) on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線), take the Meitetsu Bus bound for Asuke (足助) to Kōrankei (香嵐渓) (approx. 70 min); From Josui Station (浄水駅) on the Meitetsu Toyota Line (名鉄豊田線), take the Toyota Oiden Bus (とよたおいでんバス) bound for Hyakunensō (百年草) to Kōrankei (approx. 60 min.); From Toyotashi Station (豊田市駅) on the Meitetsu Mikawa Line (名鉄三河線), take the Meitetsu Bus bound for Asuke to Kōrankei (approx. 45 min.)

Website: (Japanese)


◆The Miyajisan Autumn Leaf Festival

From mid- to late November is the best time to enjoy the view of the autumn leaves on Mount Miyaji in scenic Toyokawa City. The Momiji Matsuri is a one day event where you can enjoy free freshly pounded mochi (sticky pounded rice), and sample a local dish called kumosukemeshi (雲助飯; miso, spring onions and fried bean curd
mixed with rice). There will also be a bazaar!

When: Sun. 22 Nov. (10:00 – 15:00)

Where: Around the Miyajisan No.1 Parking Lot (宮路山第1駐車場) in Toyokawa City (豊川市).

Access: By train, approximately 70 minutes’ walk from Meiden Akasaka Station (名電赤坂駅) on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線). By car, approximately 10 minutes from Otowa Gamagori (音羽蒲郡) IC on the Tomei Expressway (東名高速).

Inquiries: Otowa Commerce and Industry Association, phone: 0533-88-2881 (Japanese)


◆Autumn Leaf Viewing at Tokugawaen – Nature’s Brocade
錦を纏う 徳川園紅葉祭

Photo courtesy of Tokugawaen
Photo courtesy of Tokugawaen

Experience the beauty of autumn at Tokugawaen, with around 300 trees including momiji (maples) and nishikigi (winged spindle / Euonymus alatus). A variety of events will be held during the Autumn Leaf Viewing Festival,
including an ikebana exhibit (21 Nov.) musical performances (23 Nov., 6 Dec.), star viewing with the full moon (28 Nov.) and a chance to see the Japanese sago palms being snow-proofed for the coming winter using traditional techniques (28, 29 Nov.). Opening hours will also be extended for a limited time, during which the gardens will be lit up, and the paths illuminated with ceramic and bamboo lanterns.

When: Autumn Leaf Viewing Festival: Fri. 20 Nov. to Sun. 13 Dec. (Regular hours 9:30 – 17:30; Last entry 17:00) Extended hours and evening viewing: Fri. 20 Nov. to Sun. 29 Nov. (9:30 – 20:30;Last entry 20:00) Closed Mondays (in the event it falls on a national holiday, closed the next business day instead) except 30 Nov.; also closed Tue. 24 Nov.

Where: Tokugawaen (徳川園) in Higashi Ward (東区)

Access: By train: a 10-minute walk from JR Ozone Station (大曽根駅) South Exit (南出口). By bus: From Sakae, take a City Bus for Hikiyama (引山) or Shiken’ya (四軒家) leaving from Bus Station 3, Sakae Bus Terminal (Oasis 21). Get off at Tokugawaen Shindeki (徳川園新出来) bus stop.

Admission: General Admission/College & Senior HS Students 300 (270) Yen; Residents of Nagoya City aged 65 or older 100 (90) Yen. Junior HS Students and younger free. Prices in ( ) are for groups of 20 or more.



◆Shirotori Garden Autumn Leaf Viewing
白鳥庭園 観楓会

Shirotori Garden is a Japanese-style garden covering approximately 3.7 hectares. The garden also features the Seiu-tei tea rooms, with opportunities to partake in tea and experience the tea ceremony in picturesque surrounds offered regularly. Enjoy the hues of the garden’s maples, which are also lit up in the evenings.

When: Sat. 21 Nov. to Mon. 23 Nov. (National Holiday)(9:00 – 21:00; Last entry 20:30)

Where: Shirotori Garden (白鳥庭園) in Atsuta Ward (熱田区)

Access: A 10-minute walk west from Jingu Nishi Station (神宮西駅), Exit 4 (4番出口), on the Subway Meijo Line (地下鉄名城線).

Admission: Adults 300 Yen (270 Yen for groups of 30 or more; 240 Yen for groups of 100 or more); Junior HS students and younger free; Seniors (residents of Nagoya aged 65 and older) 100 Yen.

Website: (overview of the Garden)


Cross-cultural Events

 ◆Toyota Machisato Mirai-juku
とよた まちさと ミライ塾

To give everyone the opportunity to experience a wide variety of exciting and engaging activities this program brings you over seventy events from categories including transport, food, history, art, nature and more! By participating in these events, you can experience the area in a whole new way while engaging in a culturally rich exchange with locals. There are also a number of great opportunities for foreigners, including:

・Feel Japanese Tradition! “Wa” and “Handmade Tea”, Sun. 29 Nov. (10:00 – 16:00), 5,000 Yen

・Historical Tours in Toyota City for Foreigners – Matsudairago, Sat. 7 Nov. (12:50 – 16:50), around 1,600 Yen

・Samurai Armor, Tea Ceremony and a Residence of a Former Samurai! A Japanese Cultural Experience Tour, Sat. 28 Nov. (9:30 – 13:00), 1,000 Yen

Check the website for all events and information on how to apply.

When: Program runs until Mon. 30 Nov. Session times vary.

Where: Various locations around Toyota City (豊田市)



◆Toyohashi International Festival 2015

This year’s Festival will feature music and dances from several countries (including belly dancing and Paraguayan harp performances) and other stage events; and food from around the world, including Russian, Brazilian and Hawaiian cuisine, and handmade soba! There will also be a Japanese speech contest, an international exchange photo contest, a Japanese culture corner (experience ikebana [flower arrangement], the tea ceremony), a fair trade bazaar, exhibits of panels introducing international exchange groups’ activities and children’s’ art, an international games corner, and more!

When: Sun. 15 Nov. (10:00 – 16:00)

Where: Kodomo Miraikan – Coconico (こども未来館ここにこ) in Toyohashi City (豊橋市)

Access: A 10-minute walk from Toyohashi Station (豊橋駅) East Exit (東出口) on the JR Tokaido Line (JR東海道本線). Go north through Tokiwa Arcade (ときわアーケード).

Admission: Free and all welcome!

Inquiries: Call 0532-55-3671 or e-mail


◆English Rakugo

Rakugo is a form of traditional Japanese comedy. The rakugo artist sits on stage on a dais, wearing a kimono, and performs a humorous piece solo, with puns and wordplay, usually in the form of a dialogue. The main feature is applying the punch line at the end of the piece. After an introduction and performance in English by Sayohime, participants can try it for themselves in a rakugo workshop, followed by a tea party.

When: Sun. 29 Nov. (19:00 – 20:40)

Where: Nagoya International Center 3F Lecture Room 2 (第二研修室)

Admission: 2,500 Yen; Reservations required.

Reservations and inquiries: NPO International Cross Culture Promotion Center
(E-mail:; Phone: 080-1559-9744)


Historical Events

◆Tōkai Battle World 2015

Image courtesy of Aichi Prefecture
Image courtesy of Aichi Prefecture

The region that is now Aichi Prefecture produced many generals of the Sengoku period (1467-1603), including the three great heroes Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. In the lead up to the 400th anniversary of the death of Ieyasu, take a trip back in time and see a procession of armored warriors, a dramatic re-enactment of the Battle of Sekigahara (with over a hundred warriors in a spectacular living picture scroll), matchlock gun firing, and a display of traditional falconry much beloved by Nobunaga and Ieyasu. You can even try on armor! There will also be stage performances, and a thrilling tezutsu (handheld) fireworks display in the evening.

When: Sun. 29 Nov. (10:00 – 16:30)

Where: Wakakusayama (若草山) in Odaka Ryokuchi Park (大高緑地), Midori Ward (緑区)

Access: A 20-minute walk from Sakyoyama Station (左京山駅) on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line (名鉄名古屋本線); a 30-minute walk from Odaka Station (大高駅) on the JR Tokaido Line (JR東海道本線).

Website: (Japanese)


Food & Drink

◆Nagoyameshi Expo 2015

Image courtesy of Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
Image courtesy of Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Buy discount tickets and try Nagoyameshi (local specialties of Nagoya) including hitsumabushi, misokatsu, tebasaki and kishimen at over 300 participating eateries in various locations around Nagoya including Meieki (Nagoya Station area), Fushimi, Sakae, Kanayama, Imaike and Ikeshita. 31 participating restaurants with their own unique dishes are also in the running for the New Nagoyameshi Grand Prix, to be chosen by you. Take a culinary trip around Nagoya and vote for your favorite dish!

When: Until Sun. 15 Nov.

Tickets: Set of 5 tickets 3,000 Yen; Set of 2 tickets 1,240 Yen. Available at hotels, participating restaurants, tourist information centers, Ticket Pia, etc.

Website: (Japanese)


Other Events

◆37th Gifu Asia Film Festival

Screening movies from various countries around Asia, this year’s event features 15 films from Japan, Hong Kong, Iraq, Taiwan, India, China, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The program covers a diverse range of genres and subjects, and includes recent films such as Ilo Ilo (2013) about a Singaporean family and their Filipino maid; Kano (2014) about a team representing the then Japanese colony of Taiwan in the Japanese High School Baseball Championship at Koshien Stadium in 1931; and documentary The Act of Killing (2012), featuring interviews with individuals who took part in mass killings in Indonesia in the 1960s. A number of classic films, including Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs (2002), will also be screened. Program details can be viewed on the Gifu Asia Film Festival website at (Japanese).

When: Sat. 31 Oct. to Sun. 6 Dec.

Where: Gifu City Culture Center (岐阜市文化センター), Gifu Civic Auditorium (岐阜市民会館) and CINEX Yanagase (CINEX柳ヶ瀬)

Access: Approximately 5-20 minutes on foot from Gifu Station (岐阜駅).

Tickets: Tickets are sold in lots of 1, 3, and 10 at 800, 2100, 5,000 Yen respectively, and can be split up and used among a number of people if required. Tickets can be purchased at Gifu City Culture Center, Gifu Civic Auditorium, Nagaragawa Convention Center and Ticket Pia (P-Code: 466-314).

Inquiries: Gifu City Culture Center, phone: 058-262-6200


◆The 15th Chōja-machi Yebisu Matsuri

Located in the heart of Nagoya, Choja-machi is considered one of the three largest textile wholesale districts in the country, with a history dating back hundreds of years. In addition to shops and trading companies dealing in goods including Japanese clothing, Western clothing and variety goods, a number of distinctive eateries and boutiques are dotted throughout the district, which is becoming a center for international trade, cuisine, contemporary art (through the Aichi Triennale) and IT. Beginning in 2001, this festival sees the district transformed into a giant flea market.

When: Sat. 14 Nov. and Sun. 15 Nov.

Where: Chōja-machi Textile Wholesale District (長者町繊維街) in Naka Ward (中区) Nishiki (錦) 2-chome

Access: A 5-minute walk from Fushimi Station (伏見駅) on the Subway Higashiyama and Tsurumai Lines (地下鉄東山線・鶴舞線)

Website: (Japanese)


◆Dome Yakimono World 2015

The largest ceramics and porcelain show in Japan with over 400 booths representing all the major pottery & ceramics centers in Japan, including Seto, Tokoname, Mino and many more! In addition to tableware of all sorts, you’ll also find traditional Japanese craft products. This popular event attracted approximately 180,000 visitors last year. There’s even a delivery counter so you can arrange for delivery and not worry about carrying all your heavy purchases home!

When: Thu. 19 Nov. to Wed. 25 Nov. (10:00 – 18:00). Last entry 30 minutes prior to closing times.

Where: Nagoya Dome (ナゴヤドーム) in Higashi Ward (東区)

Access: A 5-minute walk from the Nagoya Dome-mae Yada Station (ナゴヤドーム前矢田) on the Meijo Subway Line (地下鉄名城線)

Admission: 1,200 Yen (advance purchase tickets 1,000 Yen) for Junior HS students and older. Elementary students and younger free. Advance purchase tickets are available from Circle K and SunKus stores (P-Code: 989-779).


 ◆The 19th Nagoya Motor Show

Photo courtesy of The Mid-Japan Economist
Photo courtesy of The Mid-Japan Economist

Around 200,000 visitors are anticipated over the course of this four-day automotive event. See and try the latest car models on the market, along with motorbikes and clean energy vehicles! The Aichi ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World 2015 event will be running concurrently.

When: Fri. 20 Nov. to Mon. 23 Nov. (9:00 – 18:00; 20 Nov. 10:00 – 18:00)

Where: Portmesse Nagoya (ポートメッセなごや)

Access: A 5-minute walk from Kinjo-futo Station (金城ふ頭駅) on the Aonami Line (あおなみ線).

Admission: Adults 1,500 Yen; Senior HS students and younger free.

Website: (Japanese)


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices
are subject to change without notice.


(NIC Events Information)

Henri Daros

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