Winter, Christmas and Illumination Events

◆Flarie Christmas 2015
フラリエ クリスマス2015

Enjoy Christmas at Hisayaodori Gardens Flarie. A number of Christmas concerts will be held throughout December, including handbells (Sun. 6 Dec., 14:00, 16:00), a flute ensemble (Sat. 12 Dec., 14:30, 16:00), a jazz band (Sat. 19 Dec., 14:00, 16:00), ocarina (Sun. 20 Dec., 14:00, 16:00), gospel (Wed. 23 Dec., 15:00), and ukelele performances (Fri. 25 Dec., 14:00, 16:00). Visitors can also see the 17-meter Sequoia sempervirens (California redwood; until 25 Dec., lit up 17:00 – 22:00) in the center of the gardens decorated with twinkling lights and ornaments, surrounded by the flowers and greenery of a European-style garden. There’s also a 3-meter-tall poinsettia tree (until 25 Dec., 9:00 – 17:30) in the Crystal Garden (glasshouse).

Where: Hisayaodori Gardens Flarie (久屋大通庭園フラリエ)

Access: Approximately a 3-minute walk from Yaba-cho Station (矢場町駅) Exit 4 (4番出口) on the Meijo Subway Line (地下鉄名城線)

Admission: Free


◆Brother Green Xmas 2015 –
Projection Mapping on Brother Earth –
ブラザー グリーンクリスマス 2015

Image courtesy of Nagoya City
Image courtesy of Nagoya City

Held in collaboration with Brother Industries (a naming rights partner of Nagoya City), this large-scale projection mapping event turns the Nagoya City Science Museum, including the ‘Brother Earth’ Planetarium, into a giant screen!
This year’s spectacle incorporates augmented reality technology, allowing visitors to enjoy a different version of the show using their smartphones!

When: Sat. 19 and Sun. 20 Dec. (Shows at ①18:30 ②19:00 ③19:30 ④20:00; Show duration around 8 minutes.)

Where: Shirakawa Park (白川公園)

Access: A 5-minute walk south from Fushimi Station (伏見駅) Exit 5 (5番出口) on the Higashiyama or Tsurumai Subway Lines (地下鉄東山線・鶴舞線)

Admission: Free. Tickets to the best viewing area will be distributed at the venue from 15:00 on the day.

Inquiries: 052-962-1082 (Japanese only)



◆Noritake Garden Christmas Illumination
ノリタケの森 クリスマスイルミネーション

Photo courtesy of Noritake Garden
Photo courtesy of Noritake Garden

The Santa Claus that is a Noritake Garden seasonal tradition and a giant 14-meter-tall Christmas tree are back again this year. From sundown until 21:00, the Christmas tree and surrounds are adorned by around 40,000 individual lights.

When:Illumination – Until Fri. 25 Dec. (from dusk until 21:00) Facilities within the garden open 10:00 – 17:00 (Shops until 18:00).

Where: Noritake Garden (ノリタケの森), Nishi Ward (西区)

Access: A 5-minute walk from Kamejima Station (亀島駅) Exit 2 (2番出口) on the Higashiyama Subway Line (地下鉄東山線); or a 15-minute walk from JR Nagoya Station (JR名古屋駅).

Admission: Free

Website: (English)


◆Denpark Winter Festival

Photo courtesy of Denpark
Photo courtesy of Denpark

Denpark is a park featuring a recreation of a Danish streetscape in Anjo City, popular with families, couples and flower lovers in any season. In addition to some 300,000 individual lights twinkling throughout the gardens, Winter Festival attractions include the Aqua Illusion Show featuring a laser-illuminated fountain (every hour from 17:00 – 20:00), a fireworks show (at 20:30 every Sat. and Sun. in Dec., every day 23 Dec. to 27 Dec. and 2 Jan. to 5 Jan.) and a Christmas market.

When: Until Tue. 5 Jan. (9:30 – 21:00) Closed Tuesdays (except 22 Dec. and 5 Jan.); also closed 28 Dec. to 1 Jan.

Where: Denpark (安城産業文化公園デンパーク) in Anjo City (安城市)

Access: From Anjo Station (安城駅) on the JR Tokaido Line (JR東海道線), take the Ankuru Bus (あんくるバス) Circuit Line (循環線, 0), and change to the Nanbu Line (南部線, 3) at Anjo Kosei Byoin (安城更生病院), get off at the Denpark (デンパーク) bus stop (approx. 25 minutes, 200 Yen). From Sakurai Station (桜井駅) on the Meitetsu Nishio Line (名鉄西尾線), take the Ankuru Bus Sakurai Nishi Line (桜井西線, 9) and get off at the Denpark bus stop (approx. 8 minutes, 100 Yen).

Admission: Adults 600 Yen, Junior HS and Elementary School Students 300 Yen, Seniors (over 65) 480 yen. Some attractions, activities and rides charged separately.



◆City Light Fantasia by NAKED -Nagoya TV Tower-

Image courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower
Image courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower

Enjoy the night view from the Nagoya TV Tower augmented by projection mapping, thanks to a special transparent film applied to the Sky Deck windows which allows imagery to be projected on them.
Following on from summer’s popular ‘City Light Fantasia by NAKED – Kaleidoscope Fireworks in the Starry Sky,’ the theme of this attraction is ‘Sky Aquarium – Aquarium in the Starry Sky.’ See a strange world unfold where dreams and reality merge; a fantastic world of sea creatures projected onto the night sky.

When: Until Sun. 14 Feb. (until Thu. 31 Dec. 18:00 – 22:00; Fri. 1 Jan. to Sun. 14 Feb. 18:00 – 21:00)

Where: Nagoya TV Tower (名古屋テレビ塔) Sky Deck observation deck (スカイデッキ), Naka Ward (中区)

Access: A 3-minute walk from Sakae Station (栄駅) Exit 3 or 4 (3・4番出口) on the Meijo and Higashiyama Subway Lines (地下鉄名城・東山線)

Admission: Adults (Senior HS students and over) 1,000 Yen; Children (Junior HS and Elementary school students) 500 Yen.


◆Toyota Home Rink

Image courtesy of Nagoya Broadcasting Network
Image courtesy of Nagoya Broadcasting Network

Enjoy the fun of ice skating, without the ice, in the middle of Sakae! Toyota Home Rink uses patented American-made interlocked resin sheets called “Super-Glide” instead of ice, which makes it easier for beginners to stand – and if you fall, you won’t get cold and wet! This year’s attraction features an all-new illumination and interactive projection mapping on the rink that kids will love! Great fun for families and couples.

When: Until Sun. 28 Feb. (Weekdays 13:00 – 20:00; Sat., Sun., national holidays and 24 Dec. to 6 Jan. 10:00 – 20:00)

Where: Oasis 21 (オアシス21) in Sakae (栄)

Access: Sakae Station (栄駅) Exit 4 (4番出口) on the Higashiyama or Meijo Subway Lines (地下鉄東山・名城線)

Admission: Weekdays – Junior HS students and older 900 Yen; Elementary school students and younger 500 Yen. Weekends and holidays – Junior HS students and older 1,200 Yen; Elementary school students and younger 500 Yen. Prices include skate rental. Own skates not permitted. Gloves must be worn on the rink. Weekday Half-Price Discounts: ① Groups of three or more students (student ID cards required). ② Two or more people (Junior HS students and over) who enter after 17:00. ③ Ladies (Junior HS students and over) on Fridays (all day, except during the winter holiday season).


Traditional Events


Photo courtesy of Toei Town
Photo courtesy of Toei Town

The Hanamatsuri (lit. ‘flower festival’) is a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset, observed from November to March in picturesque Toei Town in the mountains of the Oku-Mikawa region bordering Shizuoka Prefecture.
Said to have been introduced to the area by mountain ascetics during the Kamakura (1185-1333) and Muromachi (1336-1573) periods, the festivities include appearances from oni (demons) and shishi (mythical lion-like creatures). A variety of the shimotsuki-kagura (霜月神楽) ritual dances performed around the winter solstice to pray for the revival of the sun’s power, the ritual performances have been passed from generation to generation around the Tenryu River for over 700 years. Around 40 different dances and rituals are performed through the night, praying for harmony between the gods and men, bumper harvests, and good health.

When:November to March. Check website for details.

Where: Various locations in Toei Town (東栄町)

Access: Approximately 20-50 minutes by car from the Horaikyo Interchange (鳳来峡IC) on the San-En Nanshin Expressway (三遠南信自動車道).

Website: (Japanese; features a link to download a detailed English booklet, The World of the Hanamatsuri.)



The Nagoya Players Presents: Psychic

Psychic is the story of famed spiritual medium Oz the Great, and grieving husband-to-be, Marco. In failing health and haunted by the memory of his fiancée, Marco desperately seeks an answer to a cryptic message she left behind. Marco employs the services of Oz the Great to help him reconnect with Liana and discover the meaning behind this message.
Psychic is a play about what it means to manipulate and what it means to be manipulated. Not everything is as it seems. All lies have their uses.

When: Fri. 11 (15:00, 19:00), Sat. 12 (13:00, 18:00) and Sun. 13 Dec. (13:00, 18:00)

Where: Nanjare Theater (ナンジャーレ) in Nakamura Ward (中村区)

Access: A 10-minute walk northwest from JR Nagoya Station (JR名古屋駅) Taiko-dori (Shinkansen) Exit (太閤通口); A 6-minute walk south from Kamejima Station (亀島駅) on the Subway Higashiyama Line (地下鉄東山線).


Ji-Kabuki Special Event: Tono Kabuki Festival


Ji-Kabuki is an amateur form of Kabuki performed in rural parts of Japan, with original stories, costumes and dance routines from the Edo period which have been passed down from generation to generation. Gifu Prefecture is the most active region for Ji-Kabuki, with 29 Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations and several old shibai-goya (playhouses) preserved throughout the prefecture.
This performance in Nakatsugawa City features a mini lecture, with an introduction to Ji-Kabuki in English, a chance to experience o-hineri (tossing coins wrapped in paper onto the stage) and ōmukō (yelling encouragement) while watching the first act in reserved seats, a boxed lunch, an opportunity to take photos with the Ji-Kabuki actors, and more. Places are limited to 15 people. Reservations are essential, and must be received by Dec. 10.

When: Sun. 13 Dec. (10:00 – 13:00; Assemble at the entrance at 9:45)

Where: Higashimino Fureai Center (東美濃ふれあいセンター) Kabuki Hall (歌舞伎ホール), Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県) Nakatsugawa City (中津川市) Nasubigawa (茄子川) 1683-797

Access: By train: 5 minutes by taxi from Mino-Sakamoto Station (美乃坂本駅) on the JR Chuo Main Line (JR中央本線); By car: 5 minutes from Nakatsugawa Interchange (中津川IC) on the Chuo Expressway (中央自動車道).

Admission: 1,500 Yen

Reservations / inquiries: Gifu Kabuki Tourism Office, phone: 0584-71-6133



First Sunrise of the Year

◆Midland Square
ミッドランドスクエア スカイプロムナード初日の出

The building’s Sky Promenade is the Chubu region’s highest open-air observation deck. Open from 5:30 – 8:30 on 1 Jan. Sunrise is at around 7:00.

Admission: 18 and over 750 Yen; Seniors (over 65), Senior HS and Junior HS 500 Yen; Children free (usually 300 Yen on weekdays).


◆Nagoya TV Tower

Photo courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower
Photo courtesy of Nagoya TV Tower

Both the 90m indoor Sky Deck and the 100m outdoor Sky Balcony observation decks and the observation stairways will be open from 5:30 – 8:00 (last entry by 7:30) on Jan.1. Sunrise is at around 7:00.

Admission: Adults 700 Yen; College and Senior HS students 600 Yen; Junior HS and Elementary students 300 Yen; Seniors (65 and over) 600 Yen.


Please be aware that all aforementioned event times, locations, and prices are subject to change without notice.


( NIC Information Events )

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